More Murals


I’m finally back…I am so impressed with the software, Word Press, that allows me to “post” even when I am not home to do it…and a huge thank you to my brother Denton , who taught me how to use it.

This scene of the early settlement at Enis Creek is another of the murals that depicts the early history of Port Angeles, WA . “An interesting historical anecdote is that in 1862 President Lincoln signed an executive order that created the Port Angeles Township. Then in 1890, the U.S. Board of Trade designated Port Angeles as the “Second National City.” Washington, D.C., was still the “First National City.”” A visit to this site will clue you in to even historical tibits.

6 thoughts on “More Murals”

  1. is Denton really your brother? wow you are in good hands! Denton is a wealth of resource and a very smart person too!!! Nice photo blog =D

  2. Kala, it is me who is the lucky sibling.

    Norma, I’m glad you like the schedule feature of WordPress. One of the other big advantages is that our tracking reports indicate we have 99.99% uptime on our websites. That is due to the hosting service we use and it is significantly better than blogger’s uptime.

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