Murals in Port Angeles

There are a number of large murals on the walls of several business in Port Angeles. This one depicts an early village of the Lower Elwha Tribe . Notice the depiction of Mt. Baker in the background of the mural. With the right weather conditions, this magnificent mountain is an everyday occurance.

6 thoughts on “Murals in Port Angeles”

  1. Is Port Angelus where one gets on the ferry toward Victoria?

    If so, I was there – but I missed this mural. Dang, I guess I’ll just have to come back.

  2. this mural like many others is goregous. in fact inthis mural there is only 1 american person and she is standing nex to the closest loghouse ther is alot of history in port angeles. did u know u can go underneath the town?

  3. Its nice to go online and see that my father is immortalized on the mural in downtown Port Angeles. He is the native man in the center of the mural leaning over the canoe.

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