Barns of the Sequim Prarie 2

This barn looks in sad disrepair, but is still used as storage for Henry’s Nursery, located on the corner of Sequim Dungeness and Port Williams Road. The farm house, located on the property is currently for rent. I don’t know that I would want to live at that busy round-a-bout, but the landscaping is great!

5 thoughts on “Barns of the Sequim Prarie 2”

  1. A note of history: this is the Mantle barn, located at what was known as Mantle’s Corner. It is scheduled to be demolished by the end of summer, 2007.

  2. It’s sad to see the old barn go, but it was so far gone 20 years ago I couldn’d afford to save it. It was one of the few barns without center supports, all the weight was carried on it’s outside walls. A farmer that leased it stacked hay against the walls pushing them out and starting the process of it coming down. Engineers brought in estimated the cost at saving it was much higher than replacing it.

    Four generations of Mantles lived in that home.

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