Theme Day–Taxis

Would you believe we don’t have taxi’s in Sequim? It is true. There are buses, para-transit, a private transportation bus system, but the three taxi’s are gone. However, when I saw 5 kids pile out of this SUV at a soccer practice, I decided this was definately a soccer mom’s taxi. Check out her green bumper sticker and the basketball stickers….and then check out the other sites around the world for more “taxi” pictures.

12 thoughts on “Theme Day–Taxis”

  1. I can’t quite read the bumper sticker, but get the point. In fact, I hear that advertising agencies and others have created a whole new demographic group called “soccer moms”. Is that true? I guess in some places in the U.S. where everyone has a car, a taxi isn’t really necessary.

  2. um…i am checking the photo blogs about today’s theme now.
    And I am happily that here I not only see many beautiful taxis, but also learn something nice~~
    What is the “Taxi” is depending on how we understand it.
    good photo and comments~~~
    …hello from shanghai, jing

  3. As true of a taxi as the next. I remember when my kids were in at the age when I felt sure my main job was to taxi them around … PS: I really like the bumper stick.

  4. a town without taxis…wow! but then when everyone has a car, a taxi driver probably wouldn’t make much money. what do people do though when they want to go out for a drink??

  5. She may get paid in sticky kisses from children, but I bet she loves her job–most days ;^)
    Great take on our theme day!

  6. ah.. a mother’s job is never done. taxing her kids here and there. cant believe that there arent any taxis there. what if you had to get to the airport with heavy luggage and dont own a car? what’s a para-transit?

  7. So. I am sure you didn’t vote for this theme day. Anyway, it’s good to know the information about the absence of taxis in your city. A reality so different to our here in Trujillo.

    Greetings from Perú

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