Kali 1

I ran into Kali Bradford last week as she put finishing touches on one of her latest sand sculptures on West Washington Street next to Lucky Star Consignment Clothing.

Kali 2

Kali wasn’t enthusiastic about posing for a portrait, though she didn’t exactly refuse. So I snapped a quick shot as she talked about her art (her work, which she has created in several Sequim locations, is all volunteer and unpaid), her work as a health educator, and her challenge to local vandals (take one of her art classes and channel energy positively).

Kali 3

Kali debated whether to paint parts of this sculpture. Some people, she said, don’t “get” her sand sculptures and recognize the forms in them.

Kali 4

I returned a couple of days later to see her completed work, this mermaid…unpainted.