I know I’m very lucky. I have a lot to be thankful for and I do my best to remember that daily. I hope you too are blessed.

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. today and I wish a happy one to you who are celebrating this holiday. And a good day, too, to you who aren’t.

Foggy deer

I read in the local paper recently that a fawn was released at Fort Flagler State Park by an animal rescue center. The fawn had apparently been taken from its mother last spring and kept as a pet for about a week. When it arrived at the rescue center it was draped in a faux leopard skin coat and wore a rhinestone collar and leash.

The fawn’s captivity had been brief enough that it was easily returned to a wild state and it was released last month with three other orphans in an area not subject to hunting and with plenty of native plants to graze.

Hopefully the fawn is none the worse for wear. But you never know. Local boutique owners should check the outsides of their windows for signs of hooves and nose smears from a critter looking for just the right accessory for the season.


It’s no secret that I like dogs. I try to keep the animal shots to a dull roar. But, look at that face!

Cooper is a “double doodle” puppy, a recent addition to the home of friends. A “double doodle,” if I have it right, is half poodle, a quarter golden retriever, and a quarter Labrador retriever…a pedigree of all around nice animals. His new human mother is allergic to but loves dogs; a double doodle is theoretically less likely to trigger allergies. Cooper is about 14 lbs. and growing. He should be around 40 lbs. as an adult.


I find this time of year hard. In the U.S. it’s the Food Season. Our Thanksgiving is Thursday so, of course, everyone’s favorite foods are front and center most anywhere food’s on display. And stay out of any kind of waiting room. Magazines pick up the slack and up the ante with slick shots of foods no self-respecting cook can resist. But Thanksgiving’s just the kick-off for further temptations, binges, snacks, little “extras,” and the only-at-this-time-of-year noshes. If it’s not one thing it’s another. And if you deny yourself one treat there’s a siren call just ahead…compensation for cold-shouldering the eggnog, pumpkin pie, Aunt Mabel’s ambrosia.

An entire wall of chocolate bars? Why not?! Heck, remember? You didn’t buy that 3 lb. box of peppermint chocolate bark yesterday. You’ve got it coming!

Chicken coop

I’ve admired this cute little outbuilding for a while. It wasn’t until I stopped to take this shot that I discovered its apparent purpose: I think it’s a chicken coop. You may be able to see a three chickens back behind it on the right. Pretty classy digs, no?