Beached boat

This boat has been stuck and listing at the John Wayne Marina for over a week and it may not be going anywhere soon. Its owners have disappeared and no one has been eager to come forward to claim it. We learned in a casual conversation that it may have been built in England and may have sailed around the world more than once. Despite whatever pedigree it may have, the hull is probably “holed,” and damaged well beyond repair. It’s sailing days are probably over.

Rig again

This oil drilling rig, Polar Pioneer, was parked in the Port Angeles harbor last April as it was outfitted in anticipation of a trip to the Arctic. Its subsequent visit to Seattle prior to its embarkation generated protests. By summer’s end its owner Royal Dutch Shell announced disappointment with its oil exploration efforts and subsequently abandoned the venture. Polar Pioneer is now back in the Port Angeles harbor to offload equipment and supplies. It’s expected to stay for perhaps a month or longer and its future destination has not been announced.

Electric burner

This is an electric burner on a very old stove in the museum at Fort Flagler.

We in the U.S. are preparing for our annual Thanksgiving celebrations tomorrow. Safe travels to you if you’re venturing out to celebrate with friends and family.

Lighthouse and Baker

Saturday was a very clear day which meant very good views of Mt. Baker. This shot, from Marine Drive, shows Baker to the right with the New Dungeness Light Station to the left. Mt. Baker, which is part of the Cascade Range east of the Olympic Peninsula, is cloaked with a new layer of freshly fallen snow.

View seat

Nearby there were a couple of benches for enjoying this view and the traffic on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.