Farm and mtns

This is one of my “why I love it here” shots. It includes one of my favorite barns. It’s big, red, and well cared for. I love the great sense of space around it. I love the mountains beyond. And I love how the weather can add so much drama…yet ten minutes later be completely different, as it was.

Birch bark

I liked the look of this peeling bark. I wasn’t able to get as close as I wanted, didn’t get quite the shot I hoped for. But I still like it. I like how the tree grows, the thin bark splits and peels back, exposing the new layer. The old is still beautiful as it is discarded, the tree curling outward as it reveals its growth.

Swains 1

Swain’s General Store in Port Angeles is a local institution. Before we moved here DH informed me with an air of authority, “If Swain’s doesn’t have it you probably don’t need it.” The point can be argued. But for the real goods you need from day to day Swain’s has it. Tools, hunting and fishing gear, hardware, kitchenware, work, casual and outdoor clothing, shoes and boots. It’s all there. Mind you, Swain’s isn’t fancy. But when you need something and want to stay local I’m happy to leave fancy merchandising to the big city stores.

Swains 2

A few months back the appliance store that shared the building with Swain’s closed, giving Swain’s an opportunity to expand. The wall’s down now and the store’s being rearranged. Shifting that much stuff seems like a herculean job. But another positive thing about Swain’s is that the staff is great and most of them have been there a long time and they’re in it for the long haul.

Swains 3

Here’s a peek into the new area. I’m sure everyone will be happy when the dust settles.