This sweet piece of property is within walking distance of much of Sequim’s retail, Walmart, Home Depot, and other businesses. Not far away is a small housing subdivision. I suspect it’s one of Sequim’s heritage farms with at least 5-10 acres of land. A good part of the year there is at least a few head of cattle grazing.

First I noticed “For Sale” signs with “SALE PENDING” on them. Now it says “SOLD.” It’s such a pretty little farm. I hope it continues in agriculture rather than the never ending march of new housing.

Holiday Lane

We recently went to Diamond Point, a little community located on the east side of Sequim Bay. Diamond Point Road serves as the main road into most of area. This time of year it becomes “Holiday Lane.”

Trees and shrubs all along the road are festooned with Christmas tree ornaments. Large and small, grouped and sparse, there are thousands of ornaments brightening the roadway.

Both sides of the road are decorated for about four miles, an impressive expression of holiday cheer.

Update on the one dollar house

I first told you about the one dollar house here, in October. I didn’t want to miss too much of its story so I returned to its new, permanent location last Saturday for an fresh look. As far as I could see it’s now sitting squarely on a solid foundation, including a base for its fireplace.

Tyvek now covers some of the previously raw openings and it looks as if the subfloor has been renewed above the foundation. It’s a lovely old house and I want to follow its progress. Stay tuned.