Upside down

Where else would you go to find an “upside down” version of the world than the carnival of a fair? In this case the carnival was at last year’s Clallam County Fair where young and old trooped onto rides promising to flip their world topsy turvy.

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Flagler sunset 2

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we left the beach at Fort Flagler before sunset. The sky was flat grey and it was downright cold. But I happened to look over my shoulder as we reached the nearby campground. The sky had burst into flames and burned bright gold. I took this shot a few minutes later when we returned to the beach. And it got even better. Check back tomorrow for Evolution of Sunset part 3.

Flagler forest

Here’s a stretch of trail we walked last week at Fort Flagler. It’s a beautiful place to walk.

Flagler sunset 1

We also spent time on the beach and thought we’d take in the sunset. But it looked like the sun was going to get buried in dark clouds. So we headed back to camp. Bad call! Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the Evolution of Sunset.


In some ways it’s easier to take pictures of our friend Marie than it is to adequately describe her. People you know and love become the fiber of your life after a while and we’ve known Marie long enough that she’s part of our weave. “Brilliant, endlessly curious, accomplished, and energetic” come to mind. It’s fun to hang out with her just to see where her path will lead. She acted as our tour guide on our recent trip to California and it was a very good time.

Marie 2

She’s also a fine photographer…though she and I have taken enough pictures of each other that there are more than a few that could probably be ransomed. Enough said.