Fort Flagler clouds

We camped at Fort Flagler State Park last week. These are the clouds that greeted us when we arrived. But luck was with us. It didn’t rain until our last night there.

Fort Flagler is great place to explore. It is one of a triad of Puget Sound forts built in the late 1800s to early 1900s to protect the region. In addition to interesting gun emplacements and buildings that were part of the fort the campgrounds are surrounded by beaches. There are hiking trails through forested areas and along high bluffs overlooking Puget Sound. All this is at Marrowstone Island, an hour’s drive from Sequim.


I made my first pilgrimage to Greysmarsh Farm yesterday. Visions of fresh raspberries danced in my head.

Raspberries 1

I may have jumped the gun. There are raspberries ready for picking but it’s still early. Another week or two and they should be looking good if we have some sunny days.

Raspberry deer

Not everyone at the farm was a paying customer yesterday.

Cedar waxwing 2

Cedar waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) have to be one of the prettier birds in this area. They have a soft, tawny brown color with black masks around their eyes.

Cedar waxwings

Right now these birds are a favorite because during this part of summer they feed on insects. A large group of them perch in this tree and constantly hunt mosquitoes in a marshy area of Dungeness Recreation Area. These shots were taken on two different evenings as we watched them hunt.

They’ve had plenty of mosquitoes to eat this year. Go, waxwings!