This Old Tree Spring

I posted a shot of this tree last January. I see it often and want to catch it throughout the year. Spring progressed quickly this year and was punctuated with rain. I nearly missed catching this tree showing its early springtime foliage. Here it is. This is a willow. I think it may be a Sitka willow (Salix sitchensis) but I need to look at it more closely with a tree guide in hand.

New growth

With our relatively short growing season new spring growth doesn’t waste any time popping out once the weather improves.

New cones

Washington is the “evergreen state” and bright green is the order of the day this time of year.


I love these cones. They look like little green wookies.

Kali and Barry - Copy

Kali Bradford and Barry Swires were working last Sunday on a new sand sculpture outside the Innovation Law Group on Sequim Avenue. This piece celebrates Sequim and our upcoming lavender festival in July. This piece replaces one I showed you last September.

Barry and truck - Copy

I love the old truck that Barry is working on. It will have pots of flowers in its cargo area when finished.

Kali and mountains - Copy

I first introduced you to Kali last summer as she completed a sand sculpture for our 2014 lavender festival. Since then she has added paint to her work. She’s found that people looking at painted portions of sculptures now will comment and point out detail more readily.

120 Fun

Local sand sculptor Kali Bradford completed two pieces for our 120th Irrigation Festival recently. The one above is near Adagio Bean and Leaf on East Washington.

Irrigation sand 1

This irrigation-themed sculpture is near Lucky Star Consignment on West Washington. Kali colors parts of her sculptures now and adds living flowers. She has found that it enables people to more readily see and recognize her work.

Irrigation sand 2

I especially liked the “heart water” detail.

Tomorrow I’ll show you another of Kali’s work as it’s being sculpted.