A hundred and one years ago last Sunday tens of thousands of women marched in Washington D.C. to demand the right to vote. This was the culmination of decades of effort. The 19th Amendment was first introduced to Congress in 1878 but it wasn’t ratified until 1920 and even then it was taken to the Supreme Court with claims that it was unconstitutionally adopted.

Equal rights. Equal pay. Equal power. What will these nasty women ask for next?

Happy Birthday, Hillary.


We’ve had a series of rain storms lately. At times like these the mountains are cloaked in clouds for days on end, wall-to-wall grey. It’s cause for celebration to see them again.


When they’ve emerged lately they’ve had fresh snowcaps. It looks like there’s enough that they’ll stay like this a while.


I don’t really get it. It seems in the U.S. these days that enthusiastic flag-waving is somehow uber-patriotic and honors our country.

But there’s a protocol to displaying the flag. This is not how it’s done. Nor is flying a flag 24/7, unlit, in any kind of weather.

We’ve all got rights, including waving the flag as we wish. But please don’t try to tell me this respects or dignifies Old Glory.