Berry 1

Yesterday’s berries were easy for me to identify. Today’s are another story. I took these shots earlier this summer along a trail at Fort Flagler but I’ve seen them around Sequim, too. I thought I could bring the photo home and paw through a native plant book to figure out what they are. No such luck.

Berry 2

I’ve eliminated bunchberries, honeysuckle, and bitter cherry and I’m no closer to knowing. This shot was taken in July. Does anyone have any ideas? They’re mighty pretty.


Last May I posted a picture of blackberry blossoms here. Here are some blackberries as they become the finished product. The local native blackberries are smaller than these but most berry pickers aren’t going to quibble when they find a vine full of ripe blackberries.

Need guidance on what to pick? The black ones. And if you have to yank to get it off the vine you’re picking too soon. Should you forget to watch for thorns the plant will promptly remind you.


These hearty flowers are in full bloom now. They’re wildflowers. As they open the flower buds are full of a gooey white liquid that I’ve heard has medicinal properties. But I don’t know the what or how of it so just stick to the stuff in your first aid kit.