Meli’s Lavender Farm

One of the newest small lavender operations in Sequim is Meli’s Lavender Farm. But in the universe of lavender, it’s no newcomer. It is an expansion of Victor’s Lavender and is owned by Victor Gonzalez and his brother and sister-in-law, Sergio and Monica Gonzalez. Victor is one of Sequim’s most expert growers and consults internationally on lavender cultivation.

The new farm adds 1,000 plants to Victor’s current operation of 150 varieties and over 3,500 plants. Victor’s wife, Mirabel, makes more than 30 lavender products. The expansion is an attempt to keep up with high demand for his plants and products.

I visited Victor’s original farm at the Lavender Festival two years ago here and found him very engaging. He has an interesting history with lavender and has been an important source of information and plants for the Sequim Valley and beyond.

Earnings from the new operation, Meli’s Lavender Farm, will go toward the education of Victor’s niece, Melissa, at Western Washington University. The farm is located on West Diane Drive off Elizabeth Lane which intersects with Old Olympic Highway about a quarter mile west of North Fifth Avenue.

Victor’s Lavender

Victors Lavender

Over the years I’ve heard interesting lavender talks at the Sequim Lavender Festival. Last weekend I heard one of the best yet at Victor’s Lavender. Any lavender farm is pretty by its nature and Victor’s is no exception. But Victor’s Lavender has one special difference: Victor Gonzalez.

Victor Gonzales

Victor is an expert in growing and propagating lavender which he freely admits he learned through trial and error. He came from a farm family that legally emigrated from Mexico to the U.S. when he was 15 years old. His strong work ethic eventually landed him a job at a local Sequim farm whose manager was interested in growing lavender, a plant Victor had never heard of. Failures taught Victor one lesson after another until he was successfully propagating tens of thousands of plants. Today he not only produces lavender plants and products commercially he also consults internationally on cultivating lavender, including trips for the USAID’s Farmer-to-Farmer program. Click here for more information about Victor. He’s an interesting guy!

Victors storefront

Here’s the front view of Victor’s operation. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the police car parked in front.