Best produce


Sunny Farms was recently voted #1 in produce in Clallam County by Peninsula Daily News and Sequim Gazette readers. Based strictly on the corn I’ve gotten there lately, it’s a hands down winner in my book. I’ve commuted to Sunny Farms regularly for the last few weeks to get fresh corn and cantaloupe. I can’t seem to get enough. Summer deliciousness!

Nursery lemmings

Sunny Farms veg 1

Spring days bring out gardeners around here. String together a few warm days and they come out in droves. Though it can be hard to guess whether we’re yet past frosty nights, suddenly the garden beckons. First browse Sunny Farms Nursery.

Sunny Farms veg 2

It’s not hard to spend a long time circling the store. Stupice tomatoes? Early girls? Is this the year to plant peppers? What was that kale we liked so much?

I’ve got the garden mostly planted. (Mostly…what’s taking the squash so long to germinate?!) The next trick is fitting in the irresistible trades I make with other gardeners.

Best of the Peninsula: Health Food and Produce

Sunny Farms is a local go-to spot and recently was voted as one of the “Best of the Peninsula” in the Peninsula Daily News.  Their store on Highway 101 is packed with most anything you’re likely to need, from bulk items like beans and grains to a small deli and butcher shop. They offer an array of vitamins and supplements at their main store but also have a shop on West Washington Street, shown above, that specializes in them.  They were honored as “Best Health Food” and also “Best Produce” in Clallam County.

The displays in front of the store change seasonally and they often have beautiful and tempting flowering plants that overflow from their nursery and farm store. Inside is a good selection of fruits and vegetables, including lugs of produce and supplies for canning during summer.

Here is a post of the inside of the store from Shannon. (I’ve never seen the store empty; I suspect Shannon took this at the crack of dawn!)  And here is a view of the nursery and farm store from Lavenderlady.

Pumpkin Pig People

Lavenderlady (AKA Norma), the talented founder of this blog, previously posted images of this local couple that quietly holds court at Sunny Farms around this time of the year. As with us all, they change fashion a little from year to year. Miraculously, they don’t seem to age much. Here they are this year, settled into a little pumpkin pig love nest outside the store.

Here they are in 2008 and here they are in 2009. 

Sunny Farms was recently named in a couple of categories of “Best of the Peninsula.” We’ll revisit tomorrow to see what honors they took.