Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a big lavender operation at the east end of Sequim. There are over 15,000 plants of more than 50 varieties of lavender, according to their website. In addition to the shop you see here in the distance there is a a vacation rental onsite and a retail store in downtown Sequim.

The farm is beautiful in every direction.

Purple Haze is one of several large lavender farms that charge admission during the Lavender Festival later this week. The farm will host craft vendors as well as live music. Food and drink is sold on site, including several ice cream flavors made with lavender. Smaller farms around Sequim are open at no charge.

The owner of Purple Haze is ready to retire and has put the operation up for sale for over $3 million.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Continuing with yesterday’s lavender theme, here’s the downtown retail outlet for Purple Haze Lavender Farm. It’s a one stop shop for all things lavender. The Purple Haze Lavender Farm is a beautiful spot a few miles east of downtown where 50 varieties of lavender are grown and is well worth a summertime visit.

The Lavender Festival, 3

We’re still waiting for an extended period of summer weather here. After experiencing days that ran from 107 to 112 degrees in Phoenix last week, I find it perfectly refreshing. But I think some of our Lavender Festival visitors may have been a tad disappointed last weekend. This was at Olympic Lavender Farm.

We ended our day with live music at Purple Haze Lavender on Sunday. Light sprinkles stopped long enough for chairs to be wiped down and people to grab seats. But it was chilly and steady rain by the end. And as is the case with our weather here, it cleared up and we had peek-a-boo sunshine an hour later.

By the way, Olympic Lavender Farm is for sale if you’re looking for a new career on the Olympic Peninsula.

The Lavender Festival, 2

Yesterday’s weather wouldn’t have thrilled sun-worshipers, but the lavender at Jardin du Soleil was bright enough to make a lavender lover happy.

Purple Haze Lavender has beautiful fields in all directions, rain or shine.

And the fields at Olympic Lavender Farm were a vivid contrast to a grey day.

This display of plants for sale at Lost Mountain Lavender would have visitors believe that life is just a bed of lavender in Sequim.

I understand that the farmers who make up the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association are a cooperative group and supportive of one another. But at times while visiting the farms on the Lavender Farm Tour it seems like they’re all trying to be tops in having beautiful vistas across fields of fragrant lavender. It’s quite a treat.

Other colors at Purple Haze

Purple Haze is one of the earliest lavender farms in the region. In addition to gorgeous lavender fields the farm also has a guest house with a beautiful garden nearby. During the Lavender Faire in July lettuces in the raised boxes were just beginning to come into their own while the poppies and other blossoms were already gorgeous. Corn is growing in the background.