Just looking

There’s a down side to looking for interesting things to photograph. Sometimes they start calling to you. Like this planter at Over the Fence. I was able to resist. It’s blue. I like blue but that’s not the right color.

Then I discovered it in white. White would work. “Not in the budget! Not in the budget!” The mantra is working. For now.



There’s a real art to displaying stuff. I know I take it for granted until I come upon an assortment of merchandise that unexpectedly stops me in my tracks. There, like a banquet of eye candy, is an array of things that tell a story or soothe with form and color or texture.


Over the Fence generally does it well. This is the back of their store where they display outdoor items like those above. Inside is more eye candy. I usually lust after something I never though I wanted before. That’s good merchandising.

The rooster

This rooster stands proud outside Over the Fence, a nifty downtown store. After we moved here and hadn’t yet done a lick of landscaping I teased my husband that we should buy the rooster to spruce up our property. DH’s aesthetic is clean lined, modern, and minimalist. Very non-rooster, which only served to fuel my pseudo longing.

I don’t even know if he’s for sale. But doesn’t he look like he wants to come home with us?

Over the Fence

There are a handful of places in Sequim where it’s as much fun to just browse as it is to shop. Over the Fence, for me, is one of them. They offer a little bit of everything for the home and garden.

I was drawn to their colorful displays on a gloomy winter day. And, based on the roar of laughter, other shoppers enjoyed their selection of humorous greeting cards.

Among many other things, the teapots were hard to resist. But the very sweet and friendly store dog, George, a little dachshund, helped soothe my regrets.