Last of the Soccer Season


Today is the last day for one of the older grandson’s soccer season. This might seem like a silly picture to observe that occasion, but the lights and the changing sky above the field have more than once pulled me away from my love of this game. My official job in this venture is to cheer on my grandson and his team…my unofficial job is people watcher and picture taker. I’ve learned a great deal.

Sequim City Band


This was a musical weekend. The grandkids, my daughter, and I went to see the last concert of the Sequim City Band Sequim City Band until next April. A previous post shows where they perform during the summer months every Sunday afternoon.
As I took the picture, I was reminded of the local joke that Sequim is a town of retirees and their parents…all the white hair in the picture…but honestly, there are some pretty young ones in the back rows.

Jazz in Blume


I had the pleasure of listening to Tracy Blume perform with her band, “Jazz in Blume” this past Monday. Tracy and her band provide a wonderful evening of listening pleasure to the tunes of the Big Band Era. Local viewers should check out the website for their schedule of performances. This coming weekend, Tracy will perform with the local highschool choir and jazz group.