Cleaning Out the Gutter

cleaning gutters.jpg
With all the rain we have had of late, the cedars “flagging”…otherwise known as dropping their needles…it should have come as no surpise to me that my gutters would become clogged. Isrrael, who takes care of my yard, has been out of town. I climbed up on the ladder, quickly determined I was too old for that sort of nonsense, and called one of the grandsons. He came and rescued me from overflowing gutters. Good thing…they are now full of snow…and it is starting to melt.

Not an Alien

When one of the grandsons called to tell me he wasn’t going to make it to Thanksgiving dinner, I was disappointed. He could tell, so invited me to stop by and see the job he was trying to get finished. He is a professional drywall hanger, finisher, etc., and is well thought of in his trade. I have to admit I had no idea what all was involved. This picture is of one of his helpers who has been running the primer machine. It was a 5,000 square foot house with a wonderful water view. I was impressed but I still think he works too much.

24 hours later

My daily post was premature..the snow on the ledges measures 8 inches. School has been canceled. One of the big trees in my mini forest broke off about 20 feet above the ground, took out part of the fence, landing on my neighbor’s roof. School has been canceled….my grandson thinks he is delighted…he is too young to understand “make-up days”. But Oliver the cat and I are tucked in and will deal with all of this another day.

First Snow


It started snowing about 11:00 a.m. at my house and the flakes were huge and wet. This view is from my deck toward the raspberries and those mounds you see in the background are my 20 different varieties of lavender. Last year they all made it…I’m hoping so again. If you look close you can see the flakes still coming down. We ended up with about 6 inches on the level at my place.

My original post scheduled for today was also “white”. Check back later in the week to see what I’m talking about.

Waterfall at the Lodge


I love water…probably why I live in the Northwest. I have had several occasions as of late to visit The Lodge, an upscale assisted living facility in Sequim. Yesterday the weather was just nice enough to capture this picture. I was surprised when I Goggled this facility they did not have a website. That might be because the waiting list to get in is at a year as of this month…unless you want a studio.

Sunny Farms Deli


Denise, Shawn, and Cheryl are three of my favorite people. They run/work in the Deli at Sunny Farms. For several years I’ve run a Quilting Retreat in my home. The quilters get sandwich order forms from Sunny Farms at breakfast and I call to find out the soup of the day. I ask for 45 minutes notice before they want lunch…call the sandwiches in and drive down to Sunny Farms and pick them up. Lunch is topped off with one of their famous cookies. The Royal is my favorite. Everyone gets what they want, the sandwiches taste fantastic, and Cheryl and her crew take excellent care of their customers.
Sunny Farms enjoys a loyal local following and is famous for their veggies, fruits, and premuim meats. The Deli also carries the biggest selection of herbs and spices I have ever come across. (Note the jars in the background.) I once stood in line behind some folks from Seattle who were buying Saffron.
Can you tell I love this place? I would recommend on your next visit to Sequim you stop by and say hi. Thanks again to Cheryl and her crew for their excellent service.