Yard Art

This is always a dangerous time of year for me. I am so anxious for spring and want to get out in the yard, that I often I find myself stopping at garden shops. One can spend a small fortune on pots, plants and…yard art. I spotted this unique building at Sunny Farms garden shop. I’m trying to envision just where and how I would use this in my backyard. So far it hasn’t come to me.

The Herd

As an old farm girl I should know why some of the sheep have red tags and some don’t. I can come up with several theories, but what is yours? The story behind this photo is probably more interesting than the photo. I have been “eyeing” a field beside 101 for the last couple of weeks thinking we would have to have baby lambs soons…a sure sign that spring is on it’s way. I parked in a very dangerous spot today to get out and take pictures…turning on my emergency flashers. Once I got out and starting shooting, the big guy in the middle decided I must have brought lunch…it was a stampede to the spot right in front of me. I was afraid the babies might get trampled, so I packed up and tried to get back on the road…my son-in-law spots me and calls on my cell to see if I am having problems. A chuckle on the line when I tell him what I’m up to. It is so nice to be checked on. I love my family.

Flower Shop


On Highway 101, about 2 doors down from Sunny Farms, is a great flower shop. The owner specializes in unusual and beautifully crafted arrangements. My good intentions for a walk today got side tracked by income tax. !@%$#*^ Thus the night shot on the way back from town. I would like to stop by and take a picture of this wonderful cactus she has growing on the outside in the southwest corner. Bet you never thought cactus could grow in the rainy part of Washington!

Theme Day….Men at Work

Work comes in all shapes and sizes. “Mr. Bob”, the distinguished white haired gentleman on the right, comes to my classroom twice a week to assist my ESL and GED students. Although he has retired from his previous career, Mr. Bob is, as my daddy used to say, “paying for the air he is breathing”, by volunteering his time to help others learn. He is greatly appreciated.