popeyes 2.JPG
Across the street from the unusual building, (turns out it is going to be a bank…not a steak house) a Popeyes is being built. Chicken and Biscuits…yum, yum. Too bad my doctor has convinced me to eat more veggies. I was not of the opinion we needed a Popeyes in Sequim. I guess it turns out I was wrong.

One more day of construction photos, and then I move on to another series…and hopefully my camera will come home soon. I miss it. I had forgotten how rinky dink my old one was/is.

Down any little street

As of late one thing I’ve noticed is the tendancy of builders to develop small pocket neighborhoods. With building lots, commmanding higher and higher prices, you will find 5 or 6 new homes being built at the end of a street that has had homes for quite some time. In this neighborhood, there are 4 new homes for sale at the end of North Knapman. I wasn’t able to find out prices, but I’m guessing they are in the $325-$350 grand range.



One of the newer subdivisions in Sequim contains only 15 townhouse units. They have a certain appeal as they are close enough to downtown to walk and the bus stop is within a block and a half. Part of the units back up to Pioneer Park, a definate plus. The Post Office and other apartment buildings are across the street and right next door. These could be pluses or minuses, depending on how you feel. The website shows floorplans, but does not give you square footage or pricing. A phone call revealed the largest unit is 1286sq’, with smallest at 1011 sq.’ Prices range from $205,000 to $249, 500.

New Development

Just west of Walmart, a strange looking building is being built. It’s hard to tell exactly for what purpose it has been designed, and the strangest part is there is no sign stating it’s intended purpose. Most proudly announce a future Popeyes, Petco, Rite-aide, and so forth. It also has an odd look as you approach from the round about. It is being build at a lower elevation and looks a bit like a roofed dugout.

Sequim, under construction…again

Believe it or not, there are those who like for me to stop this blog…hide Sequim under a bushel, so to speak…don’t tell a soul about how wonderful it is to live here. Some days I can’t blame them. I moved here in 1995 permanently. To my way of thinking, coming from a city of 80,000 plus, it was a sleepy little town and it suited me just fine. Apparently it suits a lot of other folks too.
As of late, it seems as though everywhere you look there are new homes and businesses being built. I will be sharing just of few of these over the next week….and I have to do it with my old, old camera. My little Cannon has a problem. It has to go to the doctor and that has not been with out a lot of cussing and crying on my part. Hopefully they will return it to me quickly. Otherwise, I may just have to turn fickle and buy the new S5 IS when it comes out in June.