Butterfly Tea

Yesterday was baby girl’s third birthday. She and Grandma, that would be me, had a date for lunch. I took her to Cafe Blossom and ordered High Tea for myself and my daughter and a Butterfly Tea for the honoree. (Are those little faces not adorable!) Every the polite and well raised child, she waited until we were back in the car before she informed me she wanted chicken. That translates to “chicken nuggets”. Apparently McDonalds were giving away “ponies” with their Happy Meals. Guess where we are going another day.

Silly Grandma

Yesterday’s post got me to thinking about the great times I have had with my grandbabies…even when m big boy broke his arm last year, we found a way to turn it in to fun with the wavy mirror in the doctor’s waiting room.

Day 15 of my vacation It is almost over. Today I will either be in Keyes or Stratford, doing laundry, packing my suitcase, and thinking aobut the wonderful time I had. Tomorrow I fly home.

A Puzzle

I confess this is not a recent photo, but rather than get in trouble with “the enforcer”, (aka my brother), I have choosen to give you a puzzle. The clues are: it’s old, it’s rusty, and it could be found in a home.

Thank you to all who guessed at my puzzle! It is actually a part of an antique metal headboard for a bed. See Thumbnail.


A true desperate act to have enough posts while I was gone…these were shot in the dark with a flash.

Day 13 of my vacation. On our way to Keyes. Mom will be anxious to check her mail and phone calls. I should be tired of driving by now. I would have liked to have made it to Denver, to visit friends there. Maybe next time.