Soon to Be Built…Elk Plaza

elk plaza.JPG
If you don’t count the elevator, Sequim is soon to have it’s very first three story building in the downtown area. There are some senior apartments out on the west end, but this will be something new for the downtown area. the story I’ve linked appeared in our local newspaper and mentions condos on the third floor, office buildings on the second, and boutiques on the first floor. Hum…wonder what those condos will go for?

This ends my new construction series…but believe me, I’ve only scratched the surface.


popeyes 2.JPG
Across the street from the unusual building, (turns out it is going to be a bank…not a steak house) a Popeyes is being built. Chicken and Biscuits…yum, yum. Too bad my doctor has convinced me to eat more veggies. I was not of the opinion we needed a Popeyes in Sequim. I guess it turns out I was wrong.

One more day of construction photos, and then I move on to another series…and hopefully my camera will come home soon. I miss it. I had forgotten how rinky dink my old one was/is.

Down any little street

As of late one thing I’ve noticed is the tendancy of builders to develop small pocket neighborhoods. With building lots, commmanding higher and higher prices, you will find 5 or 6 new homes being built at the end of a street that has had homes for quite some time. In this neighborhood, there are 4 new homes for sale at the end of North Knapman. I wasn’t able to find out prices, but I’m guessing they are in the $325-$350 grand range.