Health Clinic – Repost

With the cost of health care today, our community is very fortunate to have doctors and nurses who volunteer their time to staff this free health clinic. Although it is only open for a short period of time, it plays a very important role in providing medical assistance for those who can not afford to pay. The building is furnished rent free by a local church and several other churches provide monitary assistance for electricity, supplies, etc.

Quinceanera Bouquet

Last Saturday I was invited to attend a “Quinceanera” for a local young lady. This is a coming of age ceremony for 15 year old Hispanic girls. The ceremony itself is filled with traditions and is often part of a religious service. The bouquet is among the gifts given. The link I included above is connected to a commercial enterprise, but the information given is very accurate to those celebrations I have been privileged to attend. I would invite you to check out this information.

December Theme Day

Well, what can I say! Today is Theme Day and this is your chance to click on a link below, travel the world, and see how 53 Daily Photo Community members interpreted this month’s theme, A Photograph from the Waist Down. Enjoy!
P.s. I know…mine is more from the knees down…but I have a good excuse! it’s called snow, ice and procrastinating.
1 (Porto )
2 (Greenville )
3 (Evry )
4 (Queens )
5 (Seattle, WA, USA )
6 (Stayton , OR, USA )
7 (Albuquerque, NM (USA) )
8 (Joplin, MO (USA) )
9 (Singapore (Raymond) )
10 (Guadalajara, Mexico )
11 (Santiago, Chile )
12 (London (UK) )
13 (Jakarta (Indonesia) )
14 (Bandung (Indonesia) )
15 (Melbourne, Aust (John) )
16 (Phoenix, AZ (US) )
17 (Twin Cities, MN )
18 (Newcastle upon tyne(England) )
19 (St. Paul, MN (USA) Carol )
20 (Szentes (Hungary) )
21 (Tuzla (BiH) )
22 (St. Paul Kate )
23 (Dubai (U.A.E.) )
24 (Nelson (New Zealand) )
25 (Sharon, CT USA )
26 (Tenerife (Spain) )
27 (Auckland (New Zealand) )
28 (Budapest (Hungary) )
29 (Sydney, Australia (Sally) )
30 (Sequim, WA )
31 (East Lansing, MI (USA) )
32 (Vantaa; Finland )
33 (Singapore (Zannnie) )
34 (Paris (France) )
35 (Kuala Lumpur )
36 (Shanghai, China )
37 (Sydney Aust (Nathalie) )
38 (Hyde (UK) )
39 (Akita City, Japan )
40 (Tokyo (Japan) )
41 (Rotterdam )
42 (Manila (Philippines) )
43 (Not Strictly Seattle )
44 (Stavanger (Norway) )
45 (Hong Kong )
46 (Chattanooga, Tennessee )
47 (Barcelona (Spain) )
48 (Trujillo (Peru) )
49 (Naples Florida )
50 (Delta Colorado )
51 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
52 (Cheltenham, England)
53 (Saarbr├╝cken, Germany)

Too Much Rain

While not the best photo I’ve ever took, this one amused me. I was in the yard last week and had to laugh when I saw the mushrooms coming up inbetween the bricks. I thought about shooting a picture from ground level and then remembered I would have to get back up off my knees. They were covered in white stuff last Sunday…it will be interesting to see if they survive.