Ollie and Wylie

Ollie is a 16–soon to be 17 year old cat of great refinement. As the resident male in my home, he and I have long talks. Here he is visiting with Wylie, our two month old new next door neighbor. His momma, Shanon, brings Wylie over to socialize. They want him to understand that cats are O.K. and not necessarily something to bark at. Ollie is very happy to help out.
Shanon and Eli are the best neighbors. I was at home on Saturday with a croup, sore throat, and just general crud. The Doc called in a prescription…they went and got it for me. Eli went to the dump…my trash went with him. Shannon sent me green tea for my throat. In addition, they are just nice people.

Happy Father's Day!

kids 2.JPG
And a Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful Dad’s out there and especially to those in my family! Some of you may remember I lost my Dad this year, and in his honor, I am posting a picture of the 7 surviving children he helped raise. They are from left to right, Denton of Greenville, SC, Debbie of Dallas, TX, Leonda of Stratford, TX Me (the oldest), Jeff of Rock Springs, WY, Lane of Beaver, OK, and Mike, (hiding behind) the baby, of Weatherford, TX. While not the most flattering picture of all of us, I posted our pictures because I think we all turned out pretty darn good. Each of my brothers have turned out to be incredible fathers in their own right. (I know this because I like my nieces and nephews as young adults) I know Daddy was proud of us all.
Daddy would tell these wonderful stories. We all have our favorites. Mine is how he came home from World War II and arrived at his parents farm on Christmas Eve.

If your Dad is still alive, make sure you talk to them today and get them to tell you a story from their past.

The Art of Martha Rudersdorf

At the Olympic Memorial Cancer Center in Sequim, visitors are invited to view the art of Martha Rudersdorf. Through her art, Martha shared with the Sequim community part of her journey from breast cancer diagnois, through surgery and follow up treatment. Using Costco plastic swimsuit forms, Martha created pieces that move and challenge the viewer. An article appeared in the June 12th issue of the Peninsula Daily News and try as I might, I have been unable to locate a link so that you might read the interview. Local viewers are encouraged to visit the Medical Center at 844 N. 5th. (the building in the back) Without a good camera, it was hard to capture all of the nuances of the work. I had a very hard time choosing just one to post today…so I have created another page. You will find it listed under the thumbnail on the right.

The Pond at Carrie Blake Park


This is one of those perfect times for being a grandma. My daughter is helping out two days a week with my grandson’s classroom, and I have the time to spend with baby girl. On Tuesday we headed to Carrie Blake Park. A favorite spot for young moms and their children becaue of the wonderful playground, it also has a pond with three bridges…big on BG’s list. We had a great time looking for ducks and their babies. Previous posts of the park can be viewed here and here.