Now which way do we go?

Last Sunday we took a photo ride …. grandson drives…I yell, “Stop” and jump out and shoot something. We had just driven past this group, he pulls over and I hop out expecting to get some action shots as they went by…they changed their mind…stopped, conferred and went back the other way. Does this ever happen to you? With the Olympic Discovery Trail , Sequim is a great place for bike riders.

Checking out the Photos

I volunteered in the Photography Hall during the fair and found several opportunities to practice taking photos. It was fun to watch folks looking at the photos and listen to their comments. I also saw a young 4-H member stapling down the table cover and a couple of buds having their photo made. For the first time since I started entering photos, two of my entries managed to get an Honorable Mention. I think the word Jules uses is “chuffed”. Yep, that was me.
P.S. At Ruth and Oliver’s request, I have uploaded a thumbnail of the photos. The first one was a previous thumbnail of a previous post. The second is a building in Bartlesville, OKwheatfield2.JPG phillips1.JPG4h.JPGbuds.JPG

Going to The Fair

ride sequim wa.JPG
Finally I made it to the fair! I had guests for the weekend, and as much as I enjoy their company…I was ready for them to leave so I could hot foot it over and check it out. I didn’t go in the carnival…but it did provide me with a photo opp. I saw (click on thumbnails) tractors, things for sale, and lots of ribbons. Tomorrow I will share some of the animals.