Mexican Independence Day

I LOVE September! It’s my birthday month…and at my age, I celebrate all year long. It’s time for school to start again…and as a teacher I can’t wait to go school supply shopping. And….it’s Mexican Independence Day! Last night our local Folkloric group performed the folk dances of Mexico for an hour and a half. They have been a group for 5 years, teaching the local youth the dances of the Mexican culture. Las Palomas catered the dinner and it was outstanding! I was particulary thrilled because my darling daughter was the one who announced the dances last night. At one point, she told the story in Spanish while my big boy then read in English. I was so proud! (see thumbnail)

gentd.JPG dancers1.JPG dancers.JPG feet.JPG speakers.JPG

It must be the weekend…

You will spot these signs on street corners…but not on street signs. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long ago that Sequim passed an ordinance against posting garage sale signs and other flyers on city property. Actually, it seems to be working pretty well. Today’s thumbnail caught my eye as I was driving out of the neighborhood…unfortunately it was a “look alike” and not an old piece.

Power Plant


Although technically not in Sequim, I am getting in very early this morning.  This powerplant is located along the Hood Canal close to Hoodsport and was in my archives.  I promise you will see Sequim tomorrow. 

 Today is my birthday…I am now offically really old. Baby girl, my big boy and I will be celebrating with pizza.