I recently had lunch with friends at Alder Wood Bistro. It was one of the first perfect weather days we’ve had this summer and the outdoor patio was ideal. Lunch was great. Dessert was better still. Bliss, in fact. Chocolate bliss, one of their signature sweets.

Shaker lemon pie was also on the menu, also a winner.

The patio area is shaded by two enormous cherry trees and landscaped with edibles that are used in the kitchen. A wonderful spot for a good time with friends.


Golden poppies arrived in our garden a couple of years ago. I was tickled. I never planted them but they brightened the landscape. And last year there were more. This spring it seemed that any patch of bare ground sprouted the distinctive foliage of golden poppies. I weeded for days to keep a clear walkway to the front door. And they’re still flourishing.

We have Asian poppies back behind our house. Multiple attempts at seeding them failed. This year they appeared on their own, pink, red, white, and even orange.

The bees couldn’t be happier. They actually lined up, taking turns to dive bomb poppy pollen as I took photos.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow U.S. citizens. Stay safe and sane.