I pulled over at this pond to take a picture because there was a cool looking crane in the water.  But it took off as soon as I got out.  All I got was it flying away.  

I’m taking a break, be back in a few days.

Often when on this road I get the urge to floor it because there are so many little hills on it and it would be fun, but it’s also right by a golf course and has lots of deer that cross it so I have to resist that urge.

I’ve seen this poor bird the last two times I went to feed the birds.  I felt bad because he wasn’t quite quick enough to get the food when I put it on the ground, but I figured out how to feed him…I balled up the bread and tossed it in the air at him as he flew and he caught it.  It didn’t seem to slow him down at all while flying, only while on the ground.