The Bear is here

Big news around here lately is that the Black Bear Diner has opened. I’ve visited Black Bears in California and Arizona and local reports confirm my experience: big servings of comfort fare. Most folks leave with enough leftovers for another meal or at least a hearty snack later. The Sequim Black Bear is just about the first thing you’ll see as you come into Sequim from the east on Washington Street. It’s next door to the new Holiday Inn Express.

I planned to post this shot closer to its opening a few weeks ago, but my computer began staging death scenes with drama befitting an opera. It had no intention of going quietly into that good night and held most of my photos hostage until I could negotiate a transfer into a healthier, happier Windows system. Adios, Vista!

Ice cream social

The Sequim Prairie Grange has “ice cream socials” during the summer months and it didn’t take much to convince recent guests to become ice cream socializers. This is an example of what $5 gets you: a sundae or banana split with your choice of ice cream and toppings. Three scoops, table service, and good cheer. It benefits a variety of local causes.

A visit to Hurricane Ridge

We’ve had visitors lately and one of the “must see” places to go is Hurricane Ridge. We visited two weeks ago. The wildflowers were so breathtaking it wouldn’t have been surprising to see Julie Andrews cresting the hill singing, “The hills are alive with the sound of m-u-u-u-u-sic.”

I’d brought along my camera bag but with the hubub of organizing our small group, well. . .one lens made it and the camera stayed home, hiding under a hat. So here is a view, taken a week later. The lupine are still there but the great swath of avalanche lilies was much diminished. This view is looking north. Below is Port Angeles and beyond is the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

We went to Hurricane Ridge a second time last Saturday. The camera made it this trip. It was a sunny day. A weekend. And it’s August. Suffice it to say we were not alone.