Teenaged mutant Ninja snail?

The Pacific Northwest is a different climate zone than where I grew up in California. It’s not like a foreign land, but sometimes I spy things I can’t remember seeing back in the Land of Gentler Winters. Like this snail, for instance. The ones I saw and waged combat with in California were thin shelled, light colored, and striped. This one? It looks positively armored. It stayed in place on this tree for a few days.

Best of the Peninsula: Vision Center

Costco was named Best Vision Center in Peninsula Daily News polling this year.

Full disclosure: I’m looking through a pair of Costco spectacles as I create this post. I picked up my current frames and lenses for about $100 less for the whole pair than I’d have paid for lenses alone at my optometrist’s office. I can’t ignore that kind of value.

Theme Day: My street

Today is the first of the month, theme day for City Daily Photo. This month’s theme is “my street” and this is a view of a stretch of a street in my neighborhood. You may not make them out; there are cattle off in the distance to the right. On a typical night it’s quiet enough to hear waves crash on the Dungeness Spit. And, like many people in Sequim, we hear coyotes yipping and baying, see eagles wheeling in the skies, and love, love, love it here.

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