The yard men set the last of my older grandson’s practice bricks last Friday.  This time last year you couldn’t have gotten in the ground, it was so cold.  Instead, I have raspberries ready to bud.  I am afraid of what may happen in my garden if this keeps up.


Just last week when I was putting the quilt room back together, I came across the party favor his mom made for his second birthday party.  Where have the years gone?  My big boy turned eleven.  Grandma may cry.


While not a lovely view of Sequim, this is what has been occupying my mind.  Late Tuesday night, my contractor, extraordinary neighbor and friend, Eli, finished the remodel on the little bathroom.  It went from an attempt to disguise a 70′s veneer, to a lovely bath for my guests.  I couldn’t be happier.  We had a deadline.  Quilting guests, who had visited before, arrived this afternoon and were amazed at the difference.

I know I have been missing posts, and I apologize to those who might have thought I might have done something silly like fall and break the other shoulder.  No…I just didn’t get pictures taken.  But tomorrow is a new day.  I will “late post” some of the before and after of this month of remodel and spruce up.


Previously there was a hole cut in the wall and a medicine cabinet recessed.  Once the wall paper had been removed and the vanity removed…the drywall man had to come in and patch.  He did a great job…you would never know now.

Notice the floor…it is a poured torginal….lasts forever, but yellows over time.


It had been at least 10 years since it had been painted.  Since I had a month with no guests, surely the walls could be repaired and painted…..and it happened, but not without the help of several good friends and Amalio, the painter.

All the stuff had to be moved out and gone through.  It’s hard when you were raised by depression era parents who never threw anything away.