I read in the Sequim This Week newspaper that the Peninsula Driftwood Artists were having a show at the Guy Cole Convention Center so I went to the exhibit yesterday and loved it.  I was in awe of their creations and by the Pacific Northwest Wood Artisans, who also had works on display.  If you are local, they will be there Saturday and Sunday too if you want to check it out (it’s free).  They also have crafts to buy, a raffle going on to win items and I met some really nice and interesting people (Dick Conger, your birdhouse was really cool).  That’s one (of many) great things about Sequim, so many opportunities to get out there and see and do fun things and meet people.  If anyone wants more pictures from the show just leave a comment and I’ll email them to you.

My last picture I’ll post from the trail.  If anyone is local or visiting Sequim and enjoys hiking, it’s a great trail.  Even if you don’t enjoy hiking, the road up there has many great views and chances to see some wildlife (we saw deer, bunnies and chipmunks on the way up) and wild rhododendrons.   The foot bridge above was my only obstacle.  My husband took the dogs and happily walked over it, not a care in the world.  I got half way across and made the mistake of looking down at the water and just froze.  Couldn’t go back and didn’t want to go forward.  There is no rail on one side and something about that made me feel dizzy and panic.  I made it across and then on the way back when we got to the bridge there were two different sets of people there so I didn’t allow myself to think at all and just went across it.

The weather lately has been a little too gloomy and wet for my likes (and the garden) so the sunny day on Saturday was very welcome and we headed up Palo Alto to do some hiking on the Upper Dungeness Trail.  A perk was that it was National Parks weekend so the fees were waived.  It was very muddy in spots, but it’s a beautiful trail that runs right along the river in most sections.   I’ll post a few pictures of that over the next couple of days.