The 4th and 5th grade Helen Haller Elementary School choir performed last night with a wonderful selection of holiday songs.  Part of my grandma duties included bringing cookies, applauding enthusiastically, and taking pictures.    I liked what the director told the kids…the order of the evening was:  “He talked, they sang, we applauded, they smiled.”  It worked pretty well.

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Although my daughter is out of focus, the primary focus of the last week is just beautiful.   After two false starts, my granddaughter was born at 11:22 a.m. December 16, 2009.  I have been spending time with the two older grandchildren and enjoying every minute of it.  I do confess I failed “doing girl hair” this morning. Baby girl’s outfit was cute though.  (we have to find a new name since we now have two princesses).

Momma and new baby come home tomorrow.  I might also add, I think the job of mother is highly underrated.  I’m exhausted and I’ve only been at this a short time.  Of course, I am old.