I’m sure most people take it for granted, but I was surprised when I made popcorn for the first time in our new microwave. The readout said “Enjoy.” They’ll beep, or flash, or simply refuse me. I’m not accustomed to messages like this from my appliances.

It’s City Daily Photo’s Theme Day again and today’s theme is “Electricity.” The photo above may be enigmatic, but it is about electricity. I’ll explain.

I worked many years ago for a non-profit youth corps that did projects on public lands, building trails, clearing brush and such. We rented a small shop space where our crews met, picked up tools, and headed off to work. One night we had a devastating fire. When I arrived to “secure” the site the firemen were pumping out the rivers of water they’d poured on to stop the flames. The building was a total loss.

We were instructed to inventory our losses as they were carted out to dumpsters we rented for clean-up. The day was a steady parade of melted, charred, lumps and chunks. The item pictured above includes part of a face mask and an exhaust pipe. I call it my fire sculpture and have kept it for over two decades. It reminds me that the tangible, solid, and secure things of our lives can suddenly be illusion.

Electricity? You may have guessed: the fire was traced directly to an electrical circuit panel. A well-meaning staff member had done some rewiring and hadn’t gotten it right. Electricity says more to me than the power to run our stuff, the drama of a storm. It’s a force we ought not be overly casual about.

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Every now and then I crave a good, char-broiled hamburger. I haven’t scoured Sequim for the perfect burger, but have been happy with the ones I’ve found at Stymie’s, the bar and grill at the Cedars at Dungeness Golf Course. I tried something new yesterday: this one came topped with blue cheese. And instead of the standard virtuous salad I opted for the sweet potato fries. I left happy.

Here’s the front of the building. The golf course is beyond the back and Stymie’s, at the back, looks onto the course. To the right is one of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s many totem poles. I posted other photos of this spot here, earlier this month.

We had a brief exchange about Dutch babies here the other day which inspired me to make this favorite breakfast dish yesterday. They come out of the oven puffed and full of themselves but by the time they hit the plate they’re deflated to a thick, light-textured pancake.

We had these for the first time at the Five SeaSuns Bed and Breakfast in Port Angeles when we visited before moving here and ever since they’ve been a special treat. I like them with fresh berries and Greek yogurt. My recipe calls for sprinkling them with powdered sugar but if I want some sweet I’ll dab on preserves.

What about you? Do you have a favorite breakfast treat?