Gorgeous yacht looking for lovelorn sailor

The schooner Suva is for sale. She’s one of those historic yachts that has had the good fortune of remaining intact for a good many years, including more recent work by Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop.

Designed by Ted Geary and built in China in 1925 for Robert Pratt (of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines fame), she’s presently seeing service for day and multi-day sails and private charters out of Port Townsend. Suva is 68 feet in length with a 14 foot beam. She’s for sale with an asking price of $159,000. Any takers?

Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

There was a gathering of garlic geeks at the Sequim Master Gardener Demonstration Garden last Saturday. Actually, it was a “Class Act” presentation on garlic that drew growers and potential growers. I’ve missed it in previous years (and my somewhat bedraggled crop shows it). It was well worth the time, and afterwards I wandered through the gardens.

The garden is divided into various areas, including a rose garden, above. There are beautiful trees and vegetable patches.

The Master Gardener program provides in depth training to participants who, in turn, give back to the community by volunteering hours at plant clinics (advice for brown thumbs and problem-solving for the stumped) and offering community lectures. Plant sales are also held at the Sequim Demonstration Garden and each year they offer tours in outstanding private local gardens.

Point Wilson Lighthouse

Point Wilson juts like a thumb into the Admiralty Inlet. It’s in Fort Worden State Park, just northeast of Port Townsend. It is operated by the Coast Guard and not open to the public. I posted a picture of it here, taken south of the light station. The view above is from North Beach in Port Townsend, from the west looking east.

Here’s a pictorial view of “why lighthouses are important.” Coming from the Pacific through the Strait of Juan De Fuca, ships turn right here, pass through Admiralty Inlet, and head south into Puget Sound. There’s another lighthouse across the Inlet, fittingly named “Admiralty Head Lighthouse,” located at historic Fort Casey. The distance between them is less than four miles. The perspective here plays a part, but doesn’t the lighthouse look small compared to the ship?

Step away from the bush!

I glanced out the window just as one of the trio of deer that’s been calling our backyard home decided it was time for a snack. Our mock orange was just the ticket.

I went to the door and opened it in hope of saving a few branches of greenery. The deer agreed it was time to move on, perhaps to the remaining leaves on the flowering red currant. The shot I didn’t get was the deer, stopped in its tracks in front of me, giving me an unimaginably wide-eyed, innocent look. “Look, I’m just being a deer here, okay?”

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