Last weekend was the 19th annual Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts in Port Angeles. It’s a weekend full of live music and more. There’s free entertainment outside and dozens of live acts inside for paying customers. Sequimarimba played outside on Saturday.

Sequimarimba plays music largely from the Shona culture of Zimbabwe and the group has played together for decades. It was a perfect day for an outdoor performance and marimba music is upbeat and totally addictive. Click here for a link to a video of part of the performance I saw.

Graysmarsh Farm is one of our berry farms that I hope will open for business soon. Strawberries come first, followed by an assortment of vine berries, then blueberries.

As you can see, it’s a large farm. In the foreground is “u-pick” lavender. There are tree fruits in the middle ground and in the distance is the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The berry crops are rotated and signs guide you to the crops that are available for picking. A small stand sells pre-picked fruit, lavender plants, and my favorite preserves.

Last year we only had two birdhouses. The sparrows and the swallows were in hot competition for the available housing. We have more houses this year. The tree swallows got this one.