This sculpture is nothing new to people who walk in the area around Carrie Blake Park and the Water Reuse Demonstration Park. It surprised me when I explored the park recently as I’d never noticed it from the road passing by. The Water Reuse Park where this is located is designed to educate the public on the reuse of water. I believe that the hoops in the distant background are part of a volunteer effort to reforest the area with native oaks.

I read recently that local donations to Toys for Tots are down on the Olympic Peninsula this year, and requests for toys are up at least 25% over last year. And yesterday I heard that they are down nationwide. This friendly bear that I donated didn’t have much company in that big, hopeful box. I hope you’ll donate if you can.

Do you have causes or charities that you donate to? Have you had to cut back on giving?

Yesterday’s mallard post made me long to see a ducks in a more natural environment. Here’s one I saw recently in the Sequim Water Reuse Park. He swam and dove, nice duckish activities.

And here’s another guy in a pond at Carrie Blake Park. He had a lot to say. I think it mostly had to do with my disturbing his nap. He definitely looks different from the mallard above. As far as I can tell, I think this guy may be a greater scaup. But I’m just pawing through a bird book and I’m happy to stand corrected by anyone with better birding skills.
Update: I stand corrected. Both ducks are male mallards. Thank you, Paul from Powell River Photo Blog!

I pulled into a parking lot recently only to find it full of ducks, mallards, who were clearly making themselves at home. It was a mystery until I pulled back and looked a little further.

Then I remembered that I’ve seen pans of food left near Del’s Feed and noticed a well-picked-over spot on the pavement where lunch had been.

Here are more seagulls on the wing. They’re doing fly-bys as a man on the bluff throws bread, which they catch midair. I like the play of light and shadow.

People here regularly throw bread to the seagulls. Gulls are world class scavengers and I doubt that they would go hungry without handouts. But I’m not sure human bread constitutes a healthy diet.

We happened upon a man feeding seagulls at the bluffs the other day. I pulled out my camera and caught some of the action.

I liked the play of light on their feathers and hadn’t truly appreciated the beauty of their flight before. I’ll post more tomorrow.