Well, there seemed to be no mystery in my “mystery object” post on October 1st.  Here’s a fuller view. As all of you guessed, it was the back of this old Brownie Hawkeye camera. Thank you to those who took the time to post your thoughts.

For some people of a certain age this trusty little box was an introduction to the exciting world of photography. It is displayed here with a few other items fast becoming ancient history, too: film and film canisters. How many of you longtime photographers originally scowled at the prospect of digital cameras? I recall long, negative harangues from a printer who fussed and fumed about using digital photos in newsletters I prepared.

Humpback or pink salmon have been swimming up the Dungeness River to spawn in record numbers this year. The director of our local Dungeness River Audubon Center has declared it the biggest run in 10 years and estimates that there may be a run of as many as 60,000 fish, possibly more.

The fish average about four to five pounds in size. The one pictured above was about 14-16 inches. They must swim through fast-running currents and expend a tremendous amount of energy to reach spots where they lay or fertilize eggs for the next generation of salmon.

Females lay about 3,000 eggs each and the males, called bucks, fertilize them as they swim over the eggs. The bucks spawn until they die and the river is littered with fish carcasses. It’s a credit to the relative health of local rivers that runs like this occur. Salmon need clean waters and gravel beds, with vegetation cover to keep the waters cool. Erosion from road and home-building can load waters with sediment and runoff from garden chemicals or livestock waste can pollute rivers and streams and devastate a fishery.

Okay. Technically this isn’t in Sequim. It’s Gabby’s on Carlsborg Road in Carlsborg. But I’ve included it because it’s close enough that you might drive through on your way to and from Sequim and I count it as number nine of this series.

But wait! We’re not done yet! We do, of course, have two Starbucks (numbers 10 and 11). But I suppose you already know what they look like, don’t you?

“Man does not live by coffee alone. Have a danish.”  — Author Unknown

This concludes my series on Sequim coffee spots. . .at least until the next one pops up.