Update on the one dollar house

I first told you about the one dollar house here, in October. I didn’t want to miss too much of its story so I returned to its new, permanent location last Saturday for an fresh look. As far as I could see it’s now sitting squarely on a solid foundation, including a base for its fireplace.

Tyvek now covers some of the previously raw openings and it looks as if the subfloor has been renewed above the foundation. It’s a lovely old house and I want to follow its progress. Stay tuned.

Banking on snow

The snowline on the Olympic Mountains has crept lower lately. Usually this is transient and the lower reaches — down to about 2,000 feet (roughly 610 meters) — don’t stay blanketed for long. But the upper mountains are building up a substantial snowpack. For this time of year it’s the highest in any of Washington state’s mountains. Based on water content in the snowpack, the Olympics are at 268% of normal, a great running start for providing summer and fall water for fisheries, recreation, and local municipalities.

Dumb clucks

I was busily making Christmas cards with my crafty buddies the other day when we heard a ruckus outside. “Ducks? Do I hear ducks?” said Maribeth. We threw open the door in time to see a big flock of guinea fowl scurry past and disappear around the side of the building. But we also heard them in the back yard.

In all there was a flock of 18 of these turkey-sized birds making a ruckus as they pecked and fluttered their way across our yard. This is the second time we’ve been visited by guinea fowl. Last time, several years ago, it was a much smaller flock. They are domestic birds. Our local Audubon volunteers tell us that people raise, then tire of tending and release them. These fowl survived Thanksgiving but seem unlikely to outsmart the local coyotes.

Theme Day: Gift

Not all gifts are classifiable, wrapped, in a box. The longer I live the more I recognize the subtle, intangible gifts that come from an appreciated life. Everything I’d miss if it were suddenly gone. Everything missed by those I’ve known and loved who are now gone. Gifts innumerable.

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