Library lights

Welcome to the Sequim Library. I thought I’d start out with a view inside. Yes, there are plenty of books. But I really like the ceiling and light fixtures.

Library door

Our library is a welcoming place.

Library front

It’s also a busy community resource. I counted no fewer that eight people — including a family group of three generations — as I quickly shot these pictures.

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Doodlebugs 1

I’ve always managed impulse control pretty well but Doodlebugs on Washington Street severely tests me. I’ve got a habit and they have my fix. You may know me as a photo blogger but I spend a lot of time — and an inordinate amount of money — making greeting cards.

Doodlebugs 2

I’m addicted to rubber stamps. And dies. And designer paper. And embellishments. And alcohol ink pens. And a lot more stuff than you’re probably interested in reading about. Doodlebugs, owned by a family of very nice and exceedingly talented people, has it all. And if they don’t have it they’ll get it for you. (Their customer service is truly awesome.)

Doodlebugs 3

If you don’t know how to do something they can usually demonstrate it to you. Chances are they may even offer a class. And if all else fails, buy a coloring book, sit down, and color. It’s supposed to be very soothing.

Cool clock 1

There’s a very cool clock just outside the lobby of Evergreen Collision Center. My photos aren’t what I’d hoped they’d be but the clock is just too interesting to not get a mini moment of fame.

Cool clock 2

It’s a connecting rod on a piston. From an engine. An enormous engine.
(There’s a gumball machine through the window behind it. The color is similar; don’t let that confuse you.)

Collage miniature cars

On a long shelf across a window at Evergreen Collision Center there is an array of model racing cars, each probably around a foot long. They are backed on the shelf by an array of other interesting miniatures.

Truck assortment

There’s a big assortment of other small trucks and service vehicles, Coca Cola memorabilia, signs, and more.

We simply showed up and asked to see this amazing collection, not realizing that it wasn’t an open display. Be more polite than we were. I’d recommend if you’re eager to view it that you give them a call first to see when they might best be able to accommodate your request. Prepare to be amazed.

Toy fire truck

Here’s another item from the amazing collection of cars, memorabilia, and toys at Evergreen Collision Center in Sequim. A new child-sized fire truck greets visitors as they head to the lobby.

Toy old fire truck

Inside, deeper into the owner’s amazing collection, is a version some of us older folk might recognize. This is the kind of toy that was beyond our family budget.

Two toy cars

The collection isn’t a public museum per se. Virtually none of it is behind glass so an Evergreen employee must accompany visitors. The company receptionist graciously stood by while we ooh’d and aah’d.

Shell pump

Last spring I posted photos of an old tow truck parked next to Evergreen Collision Center on Washington Street. A month or two later DH visited Evergreen and came home insisting that I’d find it a fascinating place. “Old cars. All kinds of interesting stuff.” Yeah. Right. Guy stuff.

Yesterday he finally prevailed and I’m glad he did. In some ways it defies description.

Mobil pump

Imagine a mashup of childhood toys, a small museum, and a dream collection of 20th century autos and auto memorabilia. Then throw in a big helping of other nostalgia and you might come close to what two glassed in areas of Evergreen look like.

Air pump

Evergreen’s owner is the collector, and what a collection! I’ll show you more in the next couple of days.

Washington Street

The City Daily Photo theme today, “my city’s skyline,” presupposes a dynamic city view. Towering buildings, preferably lit against a dramatic night sky. Or a city perched at the edge of shimmering water. As nice a city as Sequim is, you’re not going to find this kind of drama in its skyline. This is a view of our main street on a quiet Sunday afternoon in winter. I spiked it with a little Photoshop.

Grain elevator 1

This is our tallest building, a retired grain elevator. You can see it in the distant middle in the previous shot. There’s a Mexican restaurant at it’s base where there was once a farm cooperative.

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