Grain elevator

Sequim’s historic grain elevator is the tallest structure in town. The base of the structure was built in 1929 as a storage warehouse; the grain elevator was completed in 1945. It operated as the old Clallam Co-Op until 1977. More recently it was home to El Cazador Restaurant which closed a couple of years ago. In 2014 auctions were planned to sell off the foreclosed property and there was talk of the Museum and Arts Center (MAC) acquiring it. Last July there was news of a “pending offer” to purchase it but I’ve seen nothing since.

This view of the elevator on a clear day shows the Cascade Mountains in the distance to the east.

Civic Center Feb 15

Here’s Sequim’s new Civic Center as of last Sunday. There is sheathing now where there was blue insulation when I last updated in December and glass has closed in entrance ways.

Civic Center Feb 15 2

The building seems huge to me – easily a full city block. But it will house departments, including the Police, that have not been under the same roof.

Old City Hall

I recently came across this shot I took of the old Sequim City Hall in April, 2012. Now doesn’t the new one seem huge by comparison?

Yarn bomb gnome

I spied yesterday’s berries adorning a graceful tree near the new Sequim Civic Center. I shot various angles as I became increasingly enamored of the fall of the stems. Satisfied, I stepped away from the tree and turned to walk back to the car. “Aren’t you going to shoot the yarn bomb?” said DH. “What yarn bomb?” said clueless photographer.

Thank you, DH!

Civic Ctr Dec 14

It’s time for another look at the new Sequim Civic Center. It’s definitely coming along. Now with paneling applied to the exterior walls, it’s easier to visualize its eventual scale.

You can see here the obvious progress since the last shot that I posted in September from a similar perspective.

Civic Ctr 2 Dec 14

Here’s another view from what I think is the back of the building.

Fire rubble

Last May a spectacular fire destroyed the Baja Cantina and Sequim Consignment Store on Washington Street, leaving a scorched and collapsed shell. The Sequim Consignment Store has since relocated further east on Washington Street. I don’t know whether the Baja Cantina will reopen.

The building owner has been working with her insurance company to evaluate the loss and determine next steps for the charred remains. Heavy equipment descended on the site recently and all that was left the other day was a heap of debris.


I’ve been searching for a good chile rellano since I left California. I know, I know. The further north you get from the Mexican border the lower the odds of finding one. But I still try. Last week we went to Jose’s Famous Salsa on East Washington. All in all the food was good. Compared to most I’ve had the rellano wasn’t disappointing. In fact, it was pretty good and the salsa’s really good. I think I’ll return and try their tacos and tamales. But I may have to head south for what I’m craving…or break down and get cooking.