There’s a real art to displaying stuff. I know I take it for granted until I come upon an assortment of merchandise that unexpectedly stops me in my tracks. There, like a banquet of eye candy, is an array of things that tell a story or soothe with form and color or texture.


Over the Fence generally does it well. This is the back of their store where they display outdoor items like those above. Inside is more eye candy. I usually lust after something I never though I wanted before. That’s good merchandising.


I spied a mural in process on East Washington Street on the the building that houses Jose’s Famous Salsa restaurant. I took this shot a couple of weeks ago and haven’t been back since. It may be finished by now.


Last summer Jose’s expanded into the space next door and now has a bar. In warmer weather the front of the building can open onto al fresco seating next to the sidewalk.