Civic Ctr Aug 14

So far there’s not much drama as the new Sequim City Hall begins to take shape. But compared to my first post last June, here, you can see progress. I was lucky to find an open gate that allowed me to avoid those nasty “through the cyclone fence” construction shots.

Civic Ctr 2 Aug 14

The foundation’s been poured and the blue coloring you see is insulation. The garden of upright piping, seen better in the top shot, is stubbing for plumbing and electrical.


Sometimes a public restroom is a very welcome sight. Yet they can run a real gamut of what constitutes “welcome” and a restroom. Though I haven’t gone in to inspect this one by all appearances Sequim has rolled out a rather nice welcome mat here.

Corner art

I read in the paper a couple of months ago that the City of Sequim had commissioned art to cover some of the utility vaults around town. The art here is from the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe, more than likely Dale Faulstich, graphic artist and carver of totem poles. (I can’t find the article I clipped about this. How this could happen on my desk?)

As I aimed at the vault my husband pointed out the vintage “Henry J” driving past. Not familiar with this old timer? Click here for more details.

Corner art 2

This spot is in the heart of downtown. The Sequim Open Air Market is held here on Saturdays. In the distance is Pan d’Amore, our go-to for artisan breads, and to the right is Over the Fence, a source for home and garden decor.

Take away

Today is Theme Day for City Daily Photo photographers and the theme challenge is “Take Away Store” or, for us in the U.S., “Take Out.”

Modest shops like these are typically unassuming, often family owned, and can be hit or miss. For me, Koto Teriyaki in Sequim is a hit. The owners are very nice and as part of the usual teriyaki and Asian fare they offer a nice yakisoba that’s just right when we need a noodle fix.

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Kali 1

I ran into Kali Bradford last week as she put finishing touches on one of her latest sand sculptures on West Washington Street next to Lucky Star Consignment Clothing.

Kali 2

Kali wasn’t enthusiastic about posing for a portrait, though she didn’t exactly refuse. So I snapped a quick shot as she talked about her art (her work, which she has created in several Sequim locations, is all volunteer and unpaid), her work as a health educator, and her challenge to local vandals (take one of her art classes and channel energy positively).

Kali 3

Kali debated whether to paint parts of this sculpture. Some people, she said, don’t “get” her sand sculptures and recognize the forms in them.

Kali 4

I returned a couple of days later to see her completed work, this mermaid…unpainted.

Yarn bomb 2

Just in time for the Lavender Festival: Sequim’s Yarn Bombers have added whimsy to our downtown. (Either that or we have some unusual visitors this year.) Here’s Pink Lady out for a stroll with her dog on North Sequim Avenue.

Yarn bomb 3

Lavender Lady is nearby.

Yarn bomb 4

Lavender Lady holds a small lavender bouquet.

Yarn bomb 5

And hovering about Lavender Lady’s skirt are the ever-present bees that love our lavender. The ladies are, justifiably, attracting lots of attention.

More yarn bombing tomorrow. (Thank you, SAM, for alerting me to this latest bombing siege!)