Old John Deere

If you like old farm equipment you’re sure to find some here and there around an old farming community.

Old John Deer 2

This John Deere is parked outside Evergreen Towing in Sequim. This is a closer look for those who are interested in how these things work.

Rusting Rooster 1

The Rusting Rooster opened late last year in downtown Sequim. It certainly looks like a fun shop. It features “upcycled, repurposed, vintage, local art, and cool finds.” Can’t argue with that. At least for now it’s only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Rusting Rooster 2

There has been an assortment of businesses at this location. Since I’ve been here there has been an auto repair shop and auto detailing. And through it all the Texaco and the Chevron express lube signs have remained. At least one of the businesses tried to get the Chevron sign removed. After all, Chevron wasn’t there anymore. But Sequim has a sign code that doesn’t permit a sign to be removed if it’s been in place for some measure of time. At least I think that’s what it is. Truthfully, I don’t understand the code. Bottom line: the sign stays, even if Chevron doesn’t.

Tree silhouette BW

It was a flat, grey day but I liked the branches of this tree so into Photoshop it went. Here’s how it emerged.

Tree silhouette color

Not content to leave well enough alone, I played with the colors, too. It’s not to my liking but it helped me get through a brief tantrum: “NOOOO!!!! I don’t want grey days again!” That’s the sort of thing that helps when there’s no chocolate in the house.

Tiny library

There’s a new branch of the North Olympic Library System (“NOLS”) on West Washington Street. There’s not much to it but it’s a fine addition to Sequim. If you can’t read the sign on the side of the, uhm, “building,” NOLS says about its books to enjoy them, share them, return them, or keep them forever.

Tiny library 1

Imagine that! No fines for late books! This tiny branch is next door to Doodlebugs.