The field nearby is cultivated yet the barn in the distance certainly isn’t. It’s beyond a fence and a gate posted “No Trespassing.” My zoom can’t get quite close enough. Wish I could. Wish I knew its story.

People are allowed to burn wood debris during certain periods of the year. It’s interesting to see how the smoke from burning illustrates air inversion layers in which a layer of warm air (an inversion layer) lies over a layer of cool air.

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The Strait of Juan de Fuca is a busy shipping channel. Incoming ships on the U.S. side of the Strait will slow down at Port Angeles long enough to pick up a local pilot and then continue on to Puget Sound. Local pilots are required for ships to navigate through our waterways and transfers are quick and sometimes dangerous in rough seas.

The ship above is the Hanjin Madrid. It is of German registry and was destined to Seattle at just under 24 knots when I snapped this shot. I was able to find lots of interesting shipping details about this and other incoming and outgoing ships at this website that posts virtually real time information about shipping in waterways around the world. Victoria, on Vancouver Island, B.C. is in the background of this shot.

Here is another photo from last Thursday, while the snow was still solidly on the ground. The Dungeness bluffs looked very different cloaked in snow. They are usually a dark, sandy grey. This is a view looking south and west toward Port Angeles and the Olympic Mountains are hidden in cloud cover beyond the distant bluffs.

I took these photos on Thursday, our third day of snowfall. By midday yesterday, Friday, the temperature began to slowly rise and it was around 40F by sunset. Winds from the south initially brought heavy rains and rainfall was predicted overnight with flood watches and advisories in regions all over Washington state. For the next few days I’ll continue to post photos that I took of the snow and try to include some weather updates.

The trails at Dungeness Recreation Area showed evidence of skiers and snow shoers who were out enjoying a rare opportunity to play in snow at sea level.

Chord, the Wonder Dog, puts playing in snow up at the top of his favorites list and can barely wait to get out the door once he sees snow. He tolerates the girly jacket which means there’s less of him that needs drying off when we get home.