Here’s the latest season in my “Four Season Trees” series. These are the windbreak trees that line Kitchen Dick Road in western Sequim.

In most areas of the country this season is called “Spring.” I’ve begun to call it “Sprinter” because it’s sliding out of winter s-o-o-o slowly. This shot was taken on Monday, a month into spring, and there’s just the earliest hints of leaves. But in the field to the left you can see what is perhaps the truest harbinger of spring here: dandelions. They are paving fields with blooms. . .perhaps the subject of another post.

Here are the trees last winter.

And this is what they looked like in autumn.

I love the nostalgia and beauty of barn photographs. . .but what I like even more is to see a good looking working farm. I means someone is making a living providing the food and fiber we need. That strikes me as a win-win.

Here’s a closer view.

Although I’ll still post, I’m away for a few days and may not be able to check in regularly. See you soon!