Yesterday’s view of these trees was taken looking north. Here’s a view looking south. My favorite mountains, the Olympics, peek out. You can draw back further along this road, heading north, for a longer, broader view of the mountains. But I’ll spare you the addition of the telephone poles that line the road when you do this.

I’ve been away for a few days. I hope to have a chance to visit the Lavender Faire and Festival if I get back in time. If I do, I’ll post some shots soon.

Here’s the last of the “same spot, different season” series, a summer view of the trees on Kitchen-Dick Road. And, making their final appearance, here are the same trees in the other seasons:

. . .Spring. . .

. . .Winter. . .

. . .and Autumn.

Shannon, our previous Sequim Daily photographer, suggested this series (thank you, Shannon!). I think she may have had a different vantage point in mind when she suggested it. These views face north. Facing south there’s often a glorious view of the Olympic Mountains. . .and, I noticed, a string of telephone poles on either side of the road. Artfully arranged, telephone poles have a place. But wandering on a thoroughfare to find the arrangement didn’t work. So I aimed north. Tomorrow I’ll post a bit of that south-facing view, in a spot I found without those poles.

Here’s a view from one of the trails at the Dungeness Recreation Area. It’s a perfect spot for watching the sunset. The Olympic Mountains are partly cloaked in the background.

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