I love the nostalgia and beauty of barn photographs. . .but what I like even more is to see a good looking working farm. I means someone is making a living providing the food and fiber we need. That strikes me as a win-win.

Here’s a closer view.

Although I’ll still post, I’m away for a few days and may not be able to check in regularly. See you soon!

Because this is an historic farming community, it shouldn’t be surprising that some of the local barns that remain have some of the most beautiful settings in the region. Farmers love the land and, living here, I can certainly see why.

Today would normally be a Theme Day for bloggers with City Daily Photo. Regrettably, the CDP site has been down as a result of what I understand was a malicious attack. Blogger Julie Storey has established a linky for bloggers who still wish to participate. This month’s theme is cobblestones. If you’d like to check out the offerings, here is where to look: www.cdpbthemeday.blogspot.com.au.

You’d think a mountain range as prominent as the Olympic Mountains would stay put. But they play a convincing game of hide and seek, often hiding in the mists of our maritime climate. This makes them all the more stunning when, on a clear morning, they decide to really strut their stuff. By midday on the day I took this shot they were back behind the shroud of clouds.

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It can rain and rain and rain. But if there’s an occasional rainbow it’s hard to stay unhappy.

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The field nearby is cultivated yet the barn in the distance certainly isn’t. It’s beyond a fence and a gate posted “No Trespassing.” My zoom can’t get quite close enough. Wish I could. Wish I knew its story.