Theme Day: Gift

Not all gifts are classifiable, wrapped, in a box. The longer I live the more I recognize the subtle, intangible gifts that come from an appreciated life. Everything I’d miss if it were suddenly gone. Everything missed by those I’ve known and loved who are now gone. Gifts innumerable.

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Theme Day: Rock and Roll

Did somebody say “Flashback?” I caught sight of this character at a live music event in Port Townsend last August. It seemed fitting for today’s City Daily Photo Theme Day: “Rock and Roll.”

I’m part of the generation that specialized in rocking out. Some of us moved on to other pursuits. Others didn’t. To them I say, “Rock on!”

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Theme Day: Sensual

For today’s Theme Day, “Sensual,” I’ve allowed myself to get a little personal. A young couple, newly engaged. The look. That moment where eyes meet and, soon, lips lock. Sensual doesn’t have to say everything. It can suggest, imply, foretell. This is a photo taken in 1981 by a dear and good friend, Marie, who has been featured before on this blog.

And speaking of sensual…my second nominee for today’s theme. This one is another moment, just before lips move into action. Sensual in an entirely different way.

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Theme Day: Photographing the photographer

For City Daily Photo Theme Day this month we turn our cameras on our fellow photographers for a glance at the other side of the lens. A recent trip to Butchart Gardens in British Columbia was an opportunity to observe a number of styles, starting with a variation on the classic yoga “chair pose.”

Then there’s the casual one handed approach.

Who says the photographer can’t be part of the shot?

Photographers tend to immerse themselves in their subjects. Closer…closer…

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Theme Day: Young at Heart

What better way to express “young at heart” than through those who are fresh with youth? These children discovered how to make a joyous day with a miniature tractor and an open field at Sequim’s recent Lavender Festival.

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Theme Day: Motion

For today’s monthly theme day, “Motion,” I have chosen a bit of whimsy. Last week at lunch my friend Marilyn presented each of our group with a small plastic flower pot, activated by a tiny solar cell. With sunlight the flower commences to move its leaves up and down and the flower wags back and forth. It’s a cheerful little day brightener. I’ve recorded its motion for today’s theme.

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