Cemetery cat

This cat has taken on the responsibility of greeting people and making them feel welcome at the Dungeness Cemetery. Or, at least it did in my case recently. Here it walked across the top of a grave monument, then followed me like a friendly dog. It meowed like it was telling me stories of the souls attached to the graves. Then it approached again. “You’re welcome to pet me if you’re feeling a little down.”

It’s called anthropomorphizing when you project human attributes onto an animal’s behavior. But I rather like thinking that is what this kitty is all about.

Theme Day: Animals

This month’s City Daily Photo Theme Day is “Animals.” These big boys were chowing down not far from Home Depot.

This fellow was in the next field. Consider this an example of “Things I Never Thought About Animals Doing.” That is, how does a bull lie down? Judging by the expression on his face, in this case it didn’t feel graceful.

But all’s well that ends well. In all the photos after this one our boy’s eyes were closed and he looked quite serene.

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Caffe update: The Daily Grind

Lighthouse Latte, when I took its photo last September, looked deserted. In retrospect, it may have been closed. It wasn’t too long before the sign out front had a new one draped over it calling it the “Daily Grind.” It appears to have come to life again. It’s found on East Washington.

There’s another newer coffee spot in town, Rainshadow Coffee Roasters, that supplies some local eateries and now offers a place of their own to drink it. I understand they even offer taste samples of their roasts. I’ll post photos of Rainshadow in another “breaking coffee news” update.

Retirement is one great big giant coffee break.” Unknown