Treebeard's cousins

These faces make me smile every time I see them. They remind me of my father-in-law, a carver who often coaxed beauty from simple pieces of wood. Last week I decided to slow down and get closer to these pieces of road art. There were faces on both sides of the two stumps. They’ve been there a while and seem to have only improved with age. Aren’t they wonderful faces?

Roll over, Beethoven

This is the Sequim Transit Center, jointly run by the City of Sequim and Clallam Transit. It caught my attention because yesterday’s newspaper announced a new initiative to “discourage” teens and young adults from loitering nearby. . .by piping classical and operatic music from speakers on the side of the building.

The project was lauched a few weeks ago. Teens hanging out near the Transit Center last Friday were asked if the music was succeeding in driving them away. The response: “Does it look like it’s succeeding?” This has apparently been a gathering spot for decades.

I can only wonder what Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Puccini and others would think of their music being used as a “teen repellant.”

Sunday barn

Because this is an historic farming community, it shouldn’t be surprising that some of the local barns that remain have some of the most beautiful settings in the region. Farmers love the land and, living here, I can certainly see why.

Today would normally be a Theme Day for bloggers with City Daily Photo. Regrettably, the CDP site has been down as a result of what I understand was a malicious attack. Blogger Julie Storey has established a linky for bloggers who still wish to participate. This month’s theme is cobblestones. If you’d like to check out the offerings, here is where to look:

Hide and seek

You’d think a mountain range as prominent as the Olympic Mountains would stay put. But they play a convincing game of hide and seek, often hiding in the mists of our maritime climate. This makes them all the more stunning when, on a clear morning, they decide to really strut their stuff. By midday on the day I took this shot they were back behind the shroud of clouds.

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It's them again

If you walk regularly at the Dungeness Recreation Area, as I do, people and dogs become familiar. I don’t see this pair regularly, but I was tickled to recognize them quickly enough to take another shot of them on this trail, a different spot from my post on March 14. As you can see, spring hasn’t exactly popped here yet, but the tiniest of leaves are finally unfurling. We’ve had consistent overnight freezes until just a few days ago.