Lavender lookback

There is a three day street fair as part of the Sequim Lavender Festival. Several blocks downtown become a pedestrian thoroughfare, lined with vendor booths. Lavender in every form is sold. And dozens of vendors also sell arts and crafts, jewelry, clothing, candles, you name it. The fair is always a big draw and last Friday, the first day, was no exception.

This was one of the more clever tee shirts for sale.

And this was the day’s winner in the “my sentiments exactly!” category.

Breakfast at the airport

Before we went to the Port Townsend Aero Museum, here and here, we went to the Spruce Goose Cafe nearby. I’d heard the food was good. I’d heard right.

The decor is all about airplanes: posters, models, framed photographs.

It was a nice day and the deck was full. After they finished their meals several diners walked down to the air field, untethered planes and took off. That’s one way to make an exit.

The pirate

Port Townsend is a great place to find interesting characters. We followed this fellow down a pier, hoping to get a decent shot of him. “How far can he go?” said DH. Then he disappeared down a stairway to a floating dock and climbed into an inflatable boat. A puff boat? How pirate-like is that?

He motored out to a rather nice sailboat anchored out. Never did get a complete shot of his getup which included just about everything except a sword, eye patch, and parrot on his shoulder. The boat is named Free Spirit.

Dane’s ink

Dane saw my camera and asked if I wanted to take a picture of him. I was trying not to stare too much at the art on his arms so I said, “Can I take pictures of your ink?”

I failed to ask any of the details I’m now wondering. For instance, how long did each one take? How long has he had them? Why’d he choose this one or the other? Where’d he have them done? I think I may have to go back to Home Depot.

Tats are not my thing but some of these were real works of art.