Theme Day: Tired

Today’s theme, “tired,” fits yours truly. It was finally time to get a new computer. Upgrade the antique software. Pare down the bloated photo library, then pare more. Still paring. Move the library into the new computer. Begin the fits and starts climb to attempt mastery of new software. I’m not there yet. The object you see in my right hand here? A white flag. I’m tired.

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Musical greetings

Yesterday’s subject was rock and roll. It reminded me of another musical interlude I experienced in August. This bag piper greeted arriving visitors at the hotel where we stayed in Victoria. Mind you, he wasn’t stationed at the door for us. I was told he was there for a tour group. That group, unlike us, paid the piper.

Theme Day: Rock and Roll

Did somebody say “Flashback?” I caught sight of this character at a live music event in Port Townsend last August. It seemed fitting for today’s City Daily Photo Theme Day: “Rock and Roll.”

I’m part of the generation that specialized in rocking out. Some of us moved on to other pursuits. Others didn’t. To them I say, “Rock on!”

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We arrived at the halfway point of our evening walk to find this sweet scene. A cute young man, flowers in one hand, sign in the other: “Of all the fishes in the sea, WHALE you go to HOCO with me?” HOCO = Homecoming.

Mom and Dad were nearby. The intended date was being driven, blindfolded and unawares, to this spot. We didn’t wait around to see the outcome but I’m betting there was an enthusiastic “Yes!” He was very cute and pretty irresistible.