Banking on snow

The snowline on the Olympic Mountains has crept lower lately. Usually this is transient and the lower reaches — down to about 2,000 feet (roughly 610 meters) — don’t stay blanketed for long. But the upper mountains are building up a substantial snowpack. For this time of year it’s the highest in any of Washington state’s mountains. Based on water content in the snowpack, the Olympics are at 268% of normal, a great running start for providing summer and fall water for fisheries, recreation, and local municipalities.

Jack Frost arrives

Winter arrived early. Last week, in fact. It snowed early Friday morning, all the way down to sea level, though most lowlanders got a mere dusting. And it snowed again on Sunday morning. The mountains are well dusted. A friend tells me that this is the earliest Sequim has gotten snow in 45 years.

Whether there’s snow accumulating, melting, or just dusting the ground I can attest that it’s been plenty cold.