We arrived at the halfway point of our evening walk to find this sweet scene. A cute young man, flowers in one hand, sign in the other: “Of all the fishes in the sea, WHALE you go to HOCO with me?” HOCO = Homecoming.

Mom and Dad were nearby. The intended date was being driven, blindfolded and unawares, to this spot. We didn’t wait around to see the outcome but I’m betting there was an enthusiastic “Yes!” He was very cute and pretty irresistible.

Solar happenings

You’ve likely heard: there’s a solar eclipse visible today in much of the United States. It will be more dramatic further south of Sequim, in Oregon. The sun here will be 90% obscured…if morning clouds don’t help with the job. I plan to watch but my camera will have the day off. I’ve got viewing glasses but, alas, no protection for its lens.

Harvest time

While Sequim’s lavender farms sell u-pick and pre-picked bouquets of fresh lavender, there’s plenty left over for popular lavender products.

This summer’s weather cooperated with sunny, dry conditions and some crops were harvested before and during the Lavender Festival.

I’ll show you what happens with bouquets like these over the next couple of days.

Kitty B’s Lavender

My favorite lavender operations have a dreamy setting with nice views. Kitty B’s is one of those operations.

The farm is beautifully manicured and has the requisite gazebo that adds just the right touch.

Like most of our lavender farms, Kitty B’s has a residence on site. Its garden is a knockout.

Lavender lookback

There is a three day street fair as part of the Sequim Lavender Festival. Several blocks downtown become a pedestrian thoroughfare, lined with vendor booths. Lavender in every form is sold. And dozens of vendors also sell arts and crafts, jewelry, clothing, candles, you name it. The fair is always a big draw and last Friday, the first day, was no exception.

This was one of the more clever tee shirts for sale.

And this was the day’s winner in the “my sentiments exactly!” category.

Earth Muffin Lavender

Earth Muffin is another small lavender operation in Sequim and is one of the more recent additions. There are 270 plants locally and another 120 offsite in Everett. Like most of our growers, they distill their own essential lavender oil and produce lotions and flower water. Admission is free and they welcome visitors during the Lavender Festival.

They are easy to find at the corner of Woodcock and Cays Roads.