The fountain

Pat and Connie have a beautiful fountain made from a tree stump and its roots. At any time of year it’s striking and unique.

For most of last week we barely got above freezing temperatures and the fountain was magical with ice cascading in glacial stillness.

Landscape ice is a novelty for this former Californian. But when it forms as it did on this fountain it seems simply glorious to me.

I’ve seen ice sculptures that are beautiful art forms. But Mother Nature does a mighty nice job on her own, don’t you think?

Her cave?

Shed envy 1

The local paper had a special section recently that highlighted “she sheds,” the feminine alternative to man caves. A few days later I came across this sweet little outbuilding. The setting is nicely landscaped and the building itself has a cute vibe that would inspire shed envy.

Shed envy 2

She sheds are where the lady of the house might retreat to creative pursuits. Crafts, artwork, sewing. Stuff without motor oil, sawdust and the like.

Nice view!

View at Village

I go to The Lodge at Sherwood Village from time to time and have always enjoyed the water features and landscaping that welcomes visitors. I recently walked behind one of the rock waterfalls to find this swing set up to enjoy the view. On a clear day the Olympic Mountains would be framed in the distance.

View at Village 2

This stream flows from the waterfall under the walkway.