Sequim's Barney

I remember reading about this dwelling last year and the controversy surrounding it.  It’s hard to capture how bright it is, especially in it’s surroundings. (The front is even brighter, but I didn’t want to go down the private driveway to take a picture of it.  The newspaper article linked does show it.)  Now that I’m looking at the picture, what captures my attention even more is it looks like there are some kind of doll heads or face sculptures on the posts in the garden and my curiousity on that is up.

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Valley view

These houses were down in a valley and the mountains were out and gorgeous on Saturday.   I love days like that in Sequim because you look one way and you have gorgeous mountain views, look the other way and it’s clear blue water views.   Sunday the clouds set in, the sun stayed hidden for the most part, it rained a little and the mountains were back under cover.