Socked in

This photo was taken Wednesday (same day I took the eaglet pictures).  It was the afternoon, but so thick with fog.  I could barely see the water and you could see it drifting over the houses, it was pretty cool to see.   I saw Don from Dungeness Kayaking wasn’t letting it keep him home, he was out with some other kayakers.  The term “socked in” is what I thought of when I saw it and I got curious where that term came from and I found this on Kirotv’s site:

Where Does The Term “Socked In” Come From?

“Thanks for your interesting question. Yes, it sure was a foggy commute this morning. During the morning broadcast, we used the term “socked in” a lot. This is to let you know where the fog is really dense. It does make you wonder what a sock has to do with fog?  To find out, I turned to KIRO 7 meteorologist Sam Argier (since it’s weather related). Sam knew exactly where it came from.

 “That the term was first recorded in 1944,” explained Argier. “Starting back in the early days of aviation when one would look at the windsock to determine the flying conditions. If you couldn’t see across the field to check the windsock, then you had no business taking off.”

 Obviously they didn’t have GPS and radar back then. “