Wet walk

This forest trail starts at the Heart O’the Hills campground heading up to Hurricane Ridge.  We pulled into the campground last weekend after coming down from the Ridge and saw the trail and wanted to go explore but I told my husband dogs aren’t allowed and he said sure they are and we get going on the trail and there is the no pets allowed sign.  So we take them back to the truck and we walked the trail for about 30 minutes or so because I didn’t want to leave them in the truck long.  There are many trails around here we haven’t explored yet because of the no dogs rule.  It’s more fun taking the dogs with us so we always say we’ll come back to them but then when it gets time to venture out again, we pick one where we can take the dogs with us.  This trail I do want to go back and walk.  It’s only 4 miles round trip and the old growth setting is awesome.