Flight training

Canada geese are honking up a storm these days as big flocks make their way across the sky, first headed in one direction, then turning back. At first they’re unsynchronized, scattered, raucous. But as they turn and regroup they gradually string out and slowly, gradually a vague wedge is formed. Clearly, those distinctive “V” formations don’t just happen. Geese gotta learn.

Jack Frost arrives

Winter arrived early. Last week, in fact. It snowed early Friday morning, all the way down to sea level, though most lowlanders got a mere dusting. And it snowed again on Sunday morning. The mountains are well dusted. A friend tells me that this is the earliest Sequim has gotten snow in 45 years.

Whether there’s snow accumulating, melting, or just dusting the ground I can attest that it’s been plenty cold.