Feral daisies

It’s daisy time on the Olympic Peninsula. They look so sweet and innocent. But they’re everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. They grow like, well, weeds. I was delighted when they bloomed the first year we lived here and picked a beautiful bouquet for our table. The next day I realized I’d invited hay fever into the house, confirmed by my sneezing, runny nose, and the haze of yellow pollen under the vase.

I don’t exaggerate when I say we have fields of daisies. Along with bright yellow scotch broom they do a fine job of creating hay fever misery.

Wet or dry, it’s spring

The wild nootka roses (rosa nutkana) are blooming again, despite what feels like continual rain. Hillsides at the Dungeness Recreation Area have bushes polka dotted with pink.

The blossoms only last a few days, but the bushes are profuse with them. And their perfume is wonderful. Below is the view along the trail where these flowers grew along the Dungeness Bluffs. The Olympic Mountains in the distance are cloaked in one of the day’s many rain squalls.