Dahlia dazzlement


In front of the Port Gamble Post Office is one of the most spectacular displays of dahlias I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous, healthy, and diverse specimens filled a small garden.


A postal employee told us that the Kitsap County Dahlia Society is responsible for the display and a fellow named Michael maintains it. They really know what they’re doing.


Each plant is labeled with its name so the truly smitten (moi!) can track down one (or a dozen) for home gardens. (We were told the Dahlia Society has a yearly sale.) This splendid garden is going to be cut down soon. I’m so pleased I happened on it before it disappeared for another year. It’s well worth a visit during the dahlia growing season.

Thistle this and that

Thistle wild

These wild thistles were growing by the parking lot on my way to an appointment. They can draw blood but I find them visually interesting.

Thistle domestic

These domestic thistles were planted nearby in the landscaping. They have a teddy bear look to them but they’re prickly too.

Thistle wild 2

This wild thistle was growing beside a trail. It’s covered in thorns head to stem.