Tiny house

At first I thought this little house was a clever mailbox. But it’s not. It seems to be a clever bit of whimsy at the side of the road.

Tiny house 2

Here’s another view of it. It would be especially sweet in spring when its rose bush blooms.

Mountains and marsh

People around here are still talking about a storm we had this past Tuesday. Gale force winds with plenty of rain packed a wallop. The ranger’s residence in the Dungeness Recreation Area was hit with a blast of wind that knocked about half the shingles off its roof and a tree came down on one of the campground restrooms. The park, located on the edge of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, had been closed in anticipation of the storm. People throughout Western Washington lost power. The storm moved on but colder weather has arrived in its wake.

Dungeness River

The Dungeness River has been running high, fast, and muddy lately after our steady rains. The bank where I stood to take this shot on Monday was saturated and grasses were all raked and flattened in the direction of the river flow. A day or so sooner I’d have been standing in water.

Split willow

This tree is at the edge of a marsh area so I can’t get close but it’s another one I like. I discovered when I pulled this shot up on the screen that its trunk is split, which often happens with this type of tree. Time isn’t always gentle.

That tree autumn

This autumn shot is the fourth I’ve posted photos of this tree as I’ve followed it through its seasonal changes this year. This is the link to winter. Click here for a look at it in springtime. And this link will take you to its summer foliage.

That tree autumn 2

After I took the shot above I turned away for a few moments. When I looked again this rainbow had appeared. You can see how quickly the light had changed. I love this tree. I may have to continue this series from time to time.

Dungeness Cemetery

Dungeness Cemetery is the resting place of some of Sequim’s pioneer families. It’s small but beautifully located.

Remembering Birdman, one of our blogging community’s distinctive voices. He passed away suddenly last weekend. His posts, often enlivened with a fine wit, were always crafted with succinct commentary on life and living and his photos spoke equally well of his vision. I never met him but I feel as if I’ve lost a special friend. RIP, Birdman.