Dungeness Cemetery

Dungeness Cemetery is the resting place of some of Sequim’s pioneer families. It’s small but beautifully located.

Remembering Birdman, one of our blogging community’s distinctive voices. He passed away suddenly last weekend. His posts, often enlivened with a fine wit, were always crafted with succinct commentary on life and living and his photos spoke equally well of his vision. I never met him but I feel as if I’ve lost a special friend. RIP, Birdman.

Flying fish 2

Salmon are running again in the local rivers and Tuesday we headed to the Dungeness River to take a look. Because water levels are low there’s been concern that the runs may be affected but a couple of small storms lately have helped some.

I caught this critter mid-leap. The focus isn’t ideal but I love the reflection.

Fish splash

I also liked the splash it left behind.


Salmon are anadromous fish. They begin their lives in fresh water rivers, migrate into the ocean, and then return to their birth waters to spawn and die. Here you see migrating salmon swimming past the carcass of one which has finished its journey. Click here for more information about salmon life cycles.