Summer serviceberries

Serviceberries summer

Last spring I posted pictures of the abundant blooms of these native bushes here. Today’s shots are an update on what those blooms from the serviceberries have become. As we might have guessed from the masses of spring blossoms, we have a bumper crop of berries this summer.

Serviceberries bush

Bushes are covered with berries. And though I haven’t always found them tasty in the past some of the trees are bearing pretty palatable offerings this year. I’m sure the local birds are grateful.

Theme Day: Look down

LH steps

For today’s City Daily Photo theme day, “Look down,” I went back to a photo I took during a stint as a volunteer lighthouse keeper at the New Dungeness Light Station. This shot was taken from the top of the lighthouse looking down its narrow stairwell.

New Dungeness LH

The light station is located at the end of Dungeness Spit, a five mile natural sand spit that arches into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It is remote, windswept, and beautiful.

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