Lichen 1

I’m pretty sure this stuff is lichen though lichen and moss are often confused. Lichen, though, is the result of a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and either algae or cyanobacteria. It’s often grey or pale white. And that’s the end of today’s lesson. Click the link in the first line if you want to learn more.

You see a lot of this filigree in trees and shrubs here as branches are otherwise laid bare this time of year.

Lichen 2

During a foggy walk on Saturday moisture had accumulated, adding a glittering quality to its natural laciness.

Lichen 3

The effect in winter is to lighten the look of deciduous trees even on an otherwise gloomy day. It looks almost like spring blossoms.

Dungeness River

It started raining early Sunday evening and as far as I can tell it didn’t stop much overnight. Our rain gauge recorded nearly 1.5 inches in 17 hours. I took these shots of the Dungeness River about four hours after the rain stopped. The river was much higher than usual. And it usually looks less like a roiling mud pie.

Dungeness River 2

Lots of young trees and shrubs growing close along the river shores were up to their necks in the flow.

The snow pack in the Olympic Mountains is less than optimum and the freezing elevation was lowered in this latest storm. I’m afraid some of our snow pack became part of this river flow. The mountains have been hidden behind clouds so we haven’t had a look at the snow caps.

November rainbow

Unlike some parts of Washington state, Sequim doesn’t get lots and lots of rain. Seattle, for instance, got 48.5 inches of rain last year. And Forks, in the rain forest and a wetness epicenter, got 107.10 inches. Sequim? We got 17.88 inches. And some nice rainbows. What’s not to like?

Lower marsh

Happy New Year!
The photo challenge today for City Daily Photo participants is “Photo of the Year.” Mine captures a winter view of one of my favorite walking spots at Dungeness Recreation Area. I have a few other favorites I’ll show you in coming days.

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New trail 1

The new trail at the Dungeness Recreation Area is open. This trail reroutes walkers further inland of the south end of the bluffs.

New trail 2

We found the trail open last Wednesday, earlier than expected. I took this photo and the one above it as we walked south from the first parking lot at the bluffs.

New trail 3

This is a shot looking back to the north. It’s not a long trail but I think it’s very nicely done. It’s not much to look at this time of year but it will be gorgeous in the spring and summer when there’s more foliage.