Mother Nature does her thing

We walk in the Dungeness Recreation Area a lot. When we first came to Sequim we walked a trail that led us along the bluff from one overlook to another, and then beyond, to the north and south. The overlooks afford views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca with Victoria and Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the distance. Over the years first one section of the sandy bluff and then another and another still gave way to forces of erosion. The overlook shown above started its slide last June, shown here. A month or so later it looked like this. Today, above, there’s a fence where the trail has been routed inland. You can see the approximate location of the former trail where the wooden fence is in the distance.

Vegetation was cleared to allow more parking. The former overlook is in the distance at the left of this photo.

Dungeness Recreation Area

The trail meanders a short distance through a wooded area and then opens onto this view. Access to the bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca near here has recently been moved inland because of erosion. But this view helps make up for the loss of a beautiful water vantage.