Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve been out and about lately it’s hard to miss: Valentine’s Day. Safeway was all decked out and ready to go yesterday. Kristi, the floral manager, has outdone herself. She’s got your sweetie covered if you’re looking for a little something.

If flowers don’t do it, there are balloons and more balloons. And candy. And even little stuffed animals.

And if romance is not in the picture, head over to the produce department. Buy yourself an apple and congratulate yourself that you’re not overdoing it on chocolate.

Blyn ablaze

The tiny community of Blyn, located at the head of Sequim Bay, is the center of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, which owns the community and operates its tribal activities there. At this time each year the landscape is a breathtaking wonderland as miniature lights are tightly woven onto trees and shrubs along the highway and next to the tribe’s many enterprises.

We came through at dusk, before the full effect of the lights and colors could be seen. But you can get hint of what it’s like: truly stunning.

The lights are on both sides of Highway 101 and frame the tribe’s many enterprises, including a casino, gas station and convenience store, a community center, library, gift shop, totem carving shed, and other buildings that serve the tribe and its activities. It’s well worth seeing if you’re in the area.

Holiday Lane

We recently went to Diamond Point, a little community located on the east side of Sequim Bay. Diamond Point Road serves as the main road into most of area. This time of year it becomes “Holiday Lane.”

Trees and shrubs all along the road are festooned with Christmas tree ornaments. Large and small, grouped and sparse, there are thousands of ornaments brightening the roadway.

Both sides of the road are decorated for about four miles, an impressive expression of holiday cheer.