Best of the Peninsula – Pizza

Here’s another winner in the Peninsula Daily News Best of the Peninsula voting: Papa Murphy’s Pizza on West Washington. Honors were shared with the Papa Murphy’s in Port Angeles. And now that Congress has voted that pizza is a vegetable, you can enjoy these and still feel virtuous!

What do you like on your pizza? Do you like standard toppings or more of the “anything goes” varieties?

Best of the Peninsula – Vision

Voters selected Walmart in the Peninsula Daily News polling “Vision” category. The honors are divided between the Walmart in Sequim and in Port Angeles. I’m not certain if “vision” means optometric care and/or dispensing opticians, which refers to fitting and selling glasses. But I guess if you like the Walmart experience getting your vision fix there makes sense too.

Jamestown Family Health Clinic

The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe opened a new family health clinic in Sequim in July 2010. It is set back off Fifth Avenue and serves both the Tribe and the broader community. If my fascination with totems hasn’t worn out your interest in them, here’s a closer shot of the totem pole in front of the health clinic.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about this totem. The colors and styling look Tlingit to me but this is strictly by comparison with a Tlingit totem at the 7 Cedars Casino. I’d welcome any details if there are locals who may know about its style or story.


It was a busy day at the Blue Mountain Transfer Station yesterday. The station is operated cooperatively by the City of Port Angeles and Clallam County and is roughly half way between Port Angeles and Sequim. Recycling here is free and dump fees apply to waste. Bring a bucket of bottles and toss them into the glass bin for a cheap form of catharsis, or bring your paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, and plastics bottles if you want to be a good environmental citizen.

Best of the Peninsula – Jewelry

Here’s another voting category in the Peninsula Daily News poll: Best jewelry. Cole’s Jeweler’s won this year.

It is that time of the year when gentlemen sometimes look for that special something for ladies who like little velvet boxes and glittery things. Cole’s Jewelers is on East Washington Street. You should be able to recognize it by the hand and nose prints I’ve left on the front window.

Best of the Peninsula – Happy Hour

In polling by the Peninsula Daily News Applebee’s won the “Happy Hour” category. Okay, it’s not Cheer’s but there’s something to be said for half off appetizers and some standard drinks. If I’m not mistaken pitchers of beer go for half off on some days, too.

What can I say? If you want to rock out from time to time you’ll have to wait until a Son’s of Norway dinner. . .or a big night at the Elk’s Lodge. . .or just head on over to Blyn to the Seven Cedars Casino. I guess we’re not much on bright lights and big city life in these parts. Suits me.