Oh, the things we can do!

Today is the official grand opening of our new local Michaels store. But the doors were thrown open for a “soft” opening starting last Thursday night.

What’s appealing about a bigger store like this is a broad array of the many things a crafter might use. From minding ones Ps and Qs to yarn and art supplies there’s lots to choose from, a bigger selection than we’re used to locally.

And there’s a lot of stuff for home decor.

Michaels has a lot of everything and the employees seem like genuinely nice people. But I do hope that locals will remember to also support our own locally owned businesses like Doodlebugs, Karen’s Quilts, A Dropped Stitch, Local Yarn Shop, and Over the Fence. They are vital to the health of our community.

Sunny Farms

I’ve learned not to wait when it’s time for a garden. Last year I didn’t get to it until late May and Sunny Farms Nursery had almost nothing left.

I started early this year. But as I’ve completed each phase of planting I’ve gone back for more. And each time there’s much less choice than before. Yesterday I was glad I only wanted flowers because the many options I had a couple of weeks ago are gone. Our warmer weather has been a real inspiration for anyone who wants dirt under their nails. There are many of us.

You’re getting today’s shot because I loved looking up from the flowers to see the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

One down, one to go

Ulta opened in Sequim last week.

It’s a venue for all things girlie: makeup of every color and type, perfume, you name it. It’s a happy development for anyone who wants more choices than offered at our drug stores or Walmart. I cruised the aisles and saw more stuff than I’ve been offered in a long time.

There’s sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. And every kind of shampoo and hair product imaginable.

Michael’s, next door to Ulta, is scheduled to open later this week. Though I was able to get out of Ulta without opening my wallet, I’m not sure I’ll have the same restraint at Michael’s. Craft supplies call to me.

Sweet Spot

You can get ice cream in Sequim, sort of. But there wasn’t a dedicated venue, at least not one I’d ever found. Until Sweet Spot opened last week, though it isn’t ice cream. It’s frozen yogurt. Even better. More calcium. Less butter fat. Or so I’m told.

Enter this colorful space. Take a cup. Choose your yogurt and fill the cup. Add toppings. Weigh and pay. In the middle of the afternoon yesterday there were about a dozen of us there. I guess the word’s out.

There’s a place like this in Silverdale, an hour away, so I though I was safe from temptation. This one is in the Sequim J.C. Penney shopping center. Sunny Farms Supplements on one side, Strong Points Fitness on the other. No doubt about it. I’m doomed.