Whimsical Woods

“Did you see those birdhouses?” asked DH as we drove past. Me: “What birdhouses?” “Back there! Go back!” Which we did.

There were birdhouses, bird feeders, and gnome homes, all beyond a sign for “Whimsical Woods.”

It was quite an interesting selection of little logs and twigs crafted into dwellings of one sort or another. You can learn more about their offerings and see more detailed photographs here.

More than just a doorstop

Fruitcake season is again upon us. Dear husband couldn’t be happier. This is his nectar of the gods, the key to his tolerance of the holidays. He began looking for it at Costco weeks ago and came home jubilant the day he finally found it. Without telling me what he was talking about he started the conversation with, “They make 911 of them every year.” Me: “Uhm, 911 of what?” Him: “Fruitcakes! So I’m not the only one who loves it! They make 911 and they sell out every year!”

He believes there should be more fruitcake in the world. He’s twice suggested to That Takes the Cake that they should make fruitcake cupcakes. They’ve humored him but it’s not looking like it’s going to be part of their business plan anytime soon.

In the meantime our routine is the same every year. I hide the fruitcake. He gets a piece a week. If we didn’t have a rationing plan the darned thing would disappear within a couple of days. Or maybe less. We do the same with my peppermint bark. It’s under lock and key. You’d think a couple of adults could exercise some restraint, wouldn’t you?

Herbal ales

One of our recent guests is a craft beer aficionado so on a trip to Port Townsend we sought out a local brewery we’d seen but not explored: Propolis Brewing.

My Danish grandmother allowed me tiny glasses of beer as a child so I’ve long enjoyed beer and ale. However, nothing quite prepared me for the Propolis beverages. Made with herbs and botanicals in an “Old World” style, the tastes were quite unlike what I’ve come to expect. The one on the left, above, was a Golden Saison brewed with lemon balm. The other was an Amber Saison brewed with sage, hyssop and thyme.

The brewery has won a number of medals for their craft brews. We took home a couple of bottles. As one who leans towards India Pale Ales – and drinks them infrequently – I can’t really say what I think of them. They’re certainly different.