Spring adventure

I’ve wanted to go back to the San Juan Islands, arguably one of the most beautiful areas of Washington State, since the first time I visited by ferry decades ago. It was there that I fell in love with Washington.

A while back I heard about a San Juan Island cruise offered by Puget Sound Express in partnership with Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society. The three day birdwatching and wildlife cruise sounded spectacular. From Sequim our voyage was just across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The photo above is of the MV Glacier Spirit, the family owned cruiser we traveled on.

Inside was comfortable and warm with snacks, lunch, coffee, and good cheer.

This is a chart of our travels over three days through the San Juans, shown in yellow. Vancouver Island is the large land mass on the upper left; to the far right is northern Washington and the city of Bellingham. The thin pink and red lines show our route as we looked for whales, dolphins, birds, and other sealife through the large and small islands of the San Juan archipelago. I’ll show you what we saw over the coming days.

The S’Klallam of Ennis Creek

Ennis Creek mural 1

There are two “Ennis Creek” murals outside the Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles that portray scenes of local history. Created by Corey Ench, the first mural portrays the Native American history of the Ennis Creek area. The scene is of a S’Klallam village in 1750, an era “before contact” with white men. The traditional canoes shown here are an historic design still used today. Each carved from a single cedar log, the boats are both seaworthy and beautiful.

Ennis Creek mural 2

Because of the mural’s location it was impossible to back up far enough to get it into one frame. I know it can be stitched together in Photoshop but, regrettably, I don’t have the time and climbing gear to tackle that learning curve right now. I also haven’t cropped these shots. Above the diagonal of the roof line I was taken with how well the mural’s sky color caught the color of the day I was there.