Yesterday while driving home I saw a duck with her ducklings marching down the street and I slowed to make sure they crossed okay and I was hoping to get a picture of them in the pond, but they didn’t make an appearance.  I like stopping and watching the activity at this pond anyway.  Sometimes it’s loaded and sometimes just a few.  Also interesting to watch as the seasons change.

I won the birdhouse!


This is the birdhouse I talked about in the post a few days back regarding the Peninsula Driftwood Artist’s show and I found out yesterday that I won it in the raffle.  That made me very happy!  It was made by Dick Conger.  He called last night to let me know that I had won and I went to pick it up.   I met his wife too, such a nice couple.  I love unique birdhouses and I hadn’t seen one like this before.  I will decide tomorrow where I am going to hang it.