Owl be seeing you

We paid a visit to the Dungeness River Audubon Center when we went to Railroad Bridge Park recently. The Center has an extensive collection of taxidermied birds and some mammals. While I prefer to look at critters in their live forms there are advantages to still displays like this one. I rarely otherwise see owls. The views I’ve had have usually been brief and in low light. I think this may be a northern saw-whet.

And here’s another guess: this may be a barn owl. I was visiting with our guests as we explored the Center. If the owls were labeled I failed to check. What I can tell you about barn owls is that they dine on rodents, a help to farmers and those of us who prefer not to live with them.

This skeleton is also on display. I’m guessing it’s an owl. Whatever it is, the long, graceful wings are a mute testament to the beauty of flight.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is the bird here on the left. She is a sulfur crested cockatiel who routinely accompanies her people as they go about their days. She’s curious, gregarious, and quite ready to be the center of attention.

Sarah is 27 years old and according to her people she can live up to 60 years or more. Although she didn’t regale us with opinions we were told that she has a vocabulary and readily makes her needs and feelings known. Click here for more information on cockatiels.

Housing boom

Over the years we’ve added to the local bird housing stock. First a few. Now we’re up to ten little houses, including a couple of duplexes. Tree swallows are the tenants. We’ve numbered each house as we’ve watched for new families. This is unit six, this year’s most active property.

Birds perch on the tree branches we’ve attached to the posts. I like to think they’re enjoying the view.

Theme Day: Nature

Today’s Theme Day topic, Nature, is my favorite subject. For me it’s impossible to narrow down to a single photo. Or even a single concept. “Magnificence” comes to mind as it broadly encompasses the beauty of the natural world. Here, Washington’s Hoh Rainforest teems with so much life it’s hard to tell where water ends and forest begins.

And yet, in the moonscape desert of Death Valley in California the magnificence of time and elements never fails to evoke its own form of awe.

Nature’s creatures are another wonder. Who can ignore the wild majesty?

Great or small, Nature surrounds us with magnificence.

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