Sequim Rocks

DH found this Sequim Rock recently at the Sequim Library. Sequim Rocks is a thing here. People paint rocks and place them around the community. Finders are encouraged to take a picture of the painted rocks they’ve found, post it on Facebook, and then leave the rock somewhere else for another to find. It’s a day brightener and some of the rocks are beautiful little works of art.

Whimsy Park

The temporary former location of the Sequim Farmer’s Market has taken on a new life. “Whimsy Park” is something of a popup park that has transformed a previously bare lot on Washington Street. A mural that was incomplete several months ago is now enhancing a space with picnic tables, a small stage, and straw bale seating.

Landscaping has been installed and wood chips soften the look of formerly bare soil. The space is inviting, colorful, and far more welcoming than it previously was.