Olympic Medical Center

Olympic Medical Center recently completed construction of this new clinic in Port Angeles, about 15 miles west of Sequim. Like many rural areas there never seem to be enough doctors. Recruiting and retaining specialists is a particular challenge and many of us travel to Seattle, an all day affair, for care that isn’t available locally. The new clinic, above, helps centralize and expand services.

A day in the life of the library

The Sequim Library is a very popular spot. I dropped in yesterday morning a few minutes before it opened. There were a dozen people waiting at the door. When the doors opened 16 of us poured in, with more steadily arriving.

It’s modest as libraries go but it’s got the goods and is well loved.

The Summer Reading Program is popular. The multi-colored shapes on this board all have children’s names, cultivating a new generation of book lovers.

That house…again

I’ve previously posted pictures of this house here and here. I thought I was done with it. But then came landscaping: trees have been planted on the three open sides around the place. My snarky side suggests they were a gift from the neighbors.

“A physician can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Housing boom

Over the years we’ve added to the local bird housing stock. First a few. Now we’re up to ten little houses, including a couple of duplexes. Tree swallows are the tenants. We’ve numbered each house as we’ve watched for new families. This is unit six, this year’s most active property.

Birds perch on the tree branches we’ve attached to the posts. I like to think they’re enjoying the view.

New trail

There’s a short new branch off one of our favorite trails in the Dungeness Recreation area. It’s the one on the right here. It replaces a steep pitch that branched downhill further ahead from the left hand trail. Thrill seeking bicyclists occasionally favored it but it was sometimes perilous. I managed to fall on it in the snow once while actually going uphill. I won’t miss it.