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Norma, “The Lavenderlady,” originated the Sequim Daily Photo in August, 2006 and posted until 2010.  Following is information about Lavenderlady. Click on the Lavenderlady Archives to see her posts.

I love where I live…love to take pictures…love my family. I grew up in the Panhandle of Oklahoma where I started working on a farm at a very young age. Surely there was an easier way to make a living! I never dreamed I would someday be growing 20 different varieites of lavender in my own back yard. My goal with this blog is to share a little bit of Sequim, pronounced “squim” and the surrounding area. I also want to practice what I preach and learn something new each day.


33 thoughts on “About The Lavenderlady”

  1. What a fun “blog”. Love the pictures. Sequim has always been a favorite place of mine. Since I’ve been visiting over the past few years, Sequim has become more familiar and I love the area even more. It’s always great to visit “the lavenderlady”.

  2. Did you know that when you leave comments on another blog (for example, mine) your old blog comes up when I click on the picture. I know that you switched, but I wonder if other bloggers who do not know are then unaware of new, wonderful blog and pictures??

  3. I enjoyed your pictures very much. I have to say though, being a Sequim native, that I miss the town and area the way it was in the “old days”. It’s nice to see photos of the beauty that still remains.

    It was interesting to find out that you grow lavender. I have one plant that my daughter bought me for Mother’s Day last year and plan to grow more.

  4. I just kind of stumbled on to this site, and was very pleased to find it. I also live in Sequim, my
    husband and I moved here 6 years ago from the Seattle area.

  5. I was getting my hair done yesterday and reading a magazine while under the hair dryer. The article I was reading was about how to put more fun in your life. One of the things said to explore your own town like you were a tourist and see it through fresh eyes. I thought to myself that seems to describe Norma and by doing what you do it helps the rest of us too. Thank you. I really enjoy the pictures!


  6. Norma ~ I “googled” Quilt Shops in Sequim and found your site while browsing. Never did find a quilt shop! What a delight to stumble across your blog! I will soon be moving to the Sequim area and was concerned about what the town and surrounding area had to offer. Years ago I took my children to the Dungeness Spit but haven’t been back since, alot of changes since then. I am feeling much better about our decision to relocate in that area after seeing all your wonderful photos. I know now there will be many new beautiful places to explore. My husband is in the process of building a boat and has had a slip at the John Wayne Marina for several years in anticipation of getting it out of the woods and into the water. June is the target date 🙂 Thank you for sharing these pics with all of us! PS. IS there a quilt shop in Sequim ?????

  7. Thank you for coming by Villigen in Switzerland. Of course, I was intrigued by your “alias”. Twenty different varieties of lavendar?! Sounds great, must smell even better! I’m off to check your posts under “my yard” to see photos of them. See ya!

  8. Hi there

    I am from Margaret River in Western Australia and a couple of Sequim locals came into my art gallery today. One was Barb with her husband. She is an artist there and a founding membe of the bluewhole gallery. Anyway after hearing about her work in the gallery and the pride they had in their town, I just had to google your town and I found your lovely blog. It is lovely to see the ‘real’ photos and ‘real’ people of USA. Keep up the good work Lavender Lady!

    regards Karin

  9. I love your photos. You’re really a good photographer. Can’t wait to see Sequim in person.
    I live in Mount Vernon.

  10. Dearest Norma,
    You continue to awe me with your endless talents. Not only being the dearest of friends, you are indeed re-inventing the need we have to connect with our surroundings, positively. Your daily GIFTS of photo and text are enlightening. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world in yet another marvelous manner.

  11. Hy Norma !
    Thank you for this great blog ! I can feel the Sequim breathe when I read and look at your daily work… I visited your area 13 years ago (on bicycle with my wife Florence) and I really loved it. We will go back over there with our two children on july 2009.
    I live in Champagne, France. I drive tonight towards Provence ; fields of lavender everywhere : I will remember you, flower Norma !
    (Excuse my shaky writing, but I’ve learnt english at school 30 years ago : it’s so difficult for me to understand your language…)
    Friendly from Châlons-en-Champagne.

  12. Hi Norma,
    What a beautiful blog. The lavender photos are stunning! I live in Toronto and recently visited a local lavender farm for their open weekend. The scents and colours are amazing.

  13. Gary and I live quite a little bit south of Sequim (CA). We have been visiting for 13 years and feel so at home. We come up 2 to 3 times a year to relax and breath and enjoy the beauty. I love any view I can get of Sequim online and just found your blog. Thank you! Christy

  14. Hi Norma,
    Nice blog with lots of local color. I found your blog from Paris Daily Photos. A round-about way to find a local blog, huh? Do you know my neighbor PJ who volunteered at the quilt show?
    Thanks for your pics. I’ll be watching.

  15. hello lavender lady,
    we ‘stumbled upon’ your blog like a lot of those other visitors to your sequim photo blog with all the lovely photos. i don’t know how you do it to keep up with posting your daily sequim photo. we love your sequim photos and what you have to say about the town and its people.

    we started our sequimtown blog with the intention to help people with our personal feedback about our experience when moving from hawaii to lovely sequim about 1 1/2 yrs ago. we include photos too but more on a sporadic schedule. we believe people contemplating moving to sequim will love to see your photos. so we posted a link to your photo blog in our sidebar under ‘moving to sequim’.

    we will visit you and your blog as often as we can. actually we would love to meet you in person as well! greetings from the sequimers
    if you think our blog would be of interest, please, include our link into your resources. thanks for your consideration.

  16. Hello Norma, long time no see!

    Though I heard about this site I never got the chance to visit it. I love the photographers, very colorful and vibrant 🙂 You give Sequim justice for it’s colors. I loved seeing these pictures and well try to visit this site on a regular bases. A new site I’m looking forward to coming back to.

  17. Hi Norma,
    Great photos. On your recent photos of the bird, it’s a Northern Flicker, a type of woodpecker. Thanks for all the lovely photos from around Sequim.
    Laura & Bob

  18. Three times my comment has been rejected on today’s blog posting – so am trying to send it with a different spam word.

    This is going to be a beautiful house – and so is your garden house. I’ve just had an enjoyable time looking back over your recent posts. what fun that will be!

  19. Hi!
    I just found your site while I was looking around for “Sequim” photos to post as background on my computer screen here at home in Chicago, IL. I was raised in Sequim, was one of the only one of my friends to NOT want to move away – and here I am in Chicago. LOL Anyway, thank you so much for posting beautiful pictures of my “home!” It’s never left me. I’m hoping some day we return… it’s been 15 years, but here’s “hoping!” 😉

  20. Hi, Norma – I know you had a wonderful time in Mexico as I followed your daily photos while you were gone and while they were reposts I enjoyed reading your current comments each day as to where you were in Mexico. My husband and I found for the first time the lovely town of Sequim this past summer while we spent about 5 weeks between Port Townsend and Kalaloch out on the coast. We enjoyed every inch of the roads travelled in our RV. We immediately fell in love with Sequim saying we could definitely live there — and we hope to do so after our retirement and move from Las Vegas.
    I try to look at the Daily Photo each day or every couple of days and wonder now in seeing they are still reposts when you will be returning with your new pictures and captions each day? I still enjoy the reposts but look forward to your new ventures each day.

  21. Ms. Herbold – you may want to either bless or curse Google; either way, it’s the reason one of your former GATE students (Parsons Jr. High in Redding) was able to track you down. My involvement in the program you ran there provides me my only real enduring memories of the 6 years we lived in California, and I can look back now and see how much of an impact it had on me. I am a technology professional, now Director of IT at a $1.2 billion dollar private company in – of all places – Oklahoma; I was finally able to satisfy my own desire for photography, and have moved up to a pretty well equipped Nikon D200 kit; I’m still not quite brave enough to invest in the stock market though. 🙂

    It’s so great to see your portrait here – it doesn’t appear you’ve aged a day in the past 20 years. If you have the occasion, it would be a treat to catch up with you once your arm heals (best wishes for that as well).

    Your site is making my bookmark list as we speak – take care, and all the best!


  22. Hi Lavendarlady,

    I’m planning to move to Sequim this spring or summer. I just retired from full-time work and have been in Bozeman, Montana for the past eight years. I lived in Seattle for 16 years and miss the beauty and the openness of the people in the North West. My daughter lives in San Francisco and I have a friend in Port Townsend.

    Thought I’d make some contacts in Sequim before my move to see if I can make the transition a bit easier. The timing of the move will ultimately depend on when I can sell my townhouse and what I can then afford in Sequim, but I’m shooting for between May and September.

    I am an artist (see some of my work at http://www.artfullyconnected.com) and a Certified Hypnotherapist, so not working full time will now allow me to concentrate on what I love doing, rather than just how to pay the bills.

    I expect to rent for a year or so (unless I find something inexpensive and fabulous immediately), so my fantasy now is to find a sweet bungalow with a little land near Sequim. No pet right now, and I’m a reliable renter. I have a small but steady retirement income, so I shouldn’t be scary to an owner.

    Any suggestions? I saw that there’s a co-op gallery in Sequim (I’ve been a member of the Artists’ Gallery in Bozeman for almost three years). Not great sales but lots of support and camaraderie.

    How long have you been in Sequim? What are your feelings about it for a single woman with a need for intellectual and artistic stimulation and open and friendly people?

    And anyone else who live in that area who would like to add their impressions is encouraged to do so.


    Julie Abowitt

  23. Hi! I am new to your blog. I found this on google while searching for something else. I’ve spent the last hour browsing through your pictorial diary, and felt compelled to comment. I’ve loved all I’ve seen so far. I would love to compile a daily blog, also. I’m also a cat person. I will be tuning in to your daily comments often.

  24. hello there you have some very beautiful pictures my x-wife and kids just moved there i was trying to find out where exactly sequim was and found yer blog it is awesome keep up the good work carl vulgamore from wyoming

  25. hello there you have some very beautiful pictures my x-wife and kids just moved there i was trying to find out where exactly sequim was and found yer blog it is awesome keep up the good work carl vulgamore from wyoming

  26. Hello…. lavender, sweet lavender…. thank you so much for sharing your love of laveder, and life itself. Now ? is….how can I subscribe to your blog so I do not miss anything. Best wishes in all future endeavors…dottie

  27. Oh my goodness, you are the lavendar lady, I will for sure have to stop by on my way to the Rhode Fest this next weekend. That is just so awesome!!

  28. Hello Norma,

    How are you? Hope all is well with you and your world. Patty and I still get together and quilt, in fact I’m driving to Ellensburg this Sunday to spend a few days and then she and Dave are coming down to Bend to spend a week with me.

    I think of you often and miss seeing you and visiting at your lovely home.
    Take care,

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