Late blooms

I made a quick stop at the Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden the other day. Some blooms caught my eye as I drove by.

The dahlias have held up pretty well despite rain and a couple of freezing nights lately.

There were even a few roses holding court. But, like most of our flowers these days, their days are numbered. Catch ’em while you can.

7 thoughts on “Late blooms”

  1. I agree catch them while you can. I was thinking only today that I should consider buying some more dahlia plants, I noticed last week the ones planted by the previous owner are springing into life, it would be nice to get some with the lovely colours you have photographed.

  2. It looks like my wife’s garden. She has a green thumb. Sometime soon she will have me digging up the bulbs for winter storage. Yes, enjoy them while can.

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