Backyard birding

A great blue heron visited us yesterday morning. It was the first time we’ve seen one on our property. It hunted intently for a while and then perched majestically on our septic mound, surveying the landscape. It was some distance from our house. I still have to work on focusing with my big zoom lens. I’m getting there, bird by bird.

8 thoughts on “Backyard birding”

  1. Very nice. I love these birds and we have lots of them. Do you use a tripod when shooting at far distances. The new lenses are superb but I find it very hard to keep things sharp when shooting from the hip at an object far away.

    I have a Nikon 300mm lens which is big and rather clunky and even though it has all the latest anti-shake stuff, I still need a tripod or a tree trunk or something to set it on to get the kind of shot I want.

    BTW, HITs (Horses In The Sun) is back in town. We went out there yesterday and I was able to get some nice shots of horses jumping and running. People come from all over the world for this event. As we were heading back to the car, lo and behold I saw a car with a Washington (state) license plate! I thought of you immediately. Those folks came a long way. I wonder if they had horses in the competition.

  2. A nice close up, Kay. You get a lot closer that I can. Just the other day I seen a heron sitting on a rock in the water, so I walked up to get closer, got my camera ready to fire and he took off before I could get the photo. Another miss 🙁

  3. Nice work Kay, how fab to have a blue heron pop in, so different from my galahs and rainbow lorikeets! Mind you I have found ducks in the swimming pool a couple of times 😊

  4. Aren’t you lucky to have a visit. I live on a water hazard (a/k/a pond) on a golf course and from time to time egrets and ibis and wood storks visit, but I have not seen a great blue heron here for three or four years. I will keep looking.

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