Hull house

This unusual house is perched above the main street of LaConner, the sweet little city where we stayed during our trip to the Skagit Valley last month. I suppose this might be one of those marital compromises: he wanted to live aboard a boat; she wanted to stay on solid ground. In any case they both have a nice view of the water.

10 thoughts on “Hull house”

  1. Oh that made me smile Kay 😀 I actually like it a lot, it’s quirky and fun, I wouldn’t mind standing on the prow with my captain’s hat on and declaring ‘land ahoy’ 🚢
    P.s. yes she did have a fake pregnant tummy in there for part of the show.

  2. Have you seen the house by the Point No Point beach? The whole house looks like the front end of a boat. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture.


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